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My name is Erin Dolson. Im 16 years old and I'm a junior at Zeeland East Highschool. Beginning Art was my first art class since middle school. I'm not sure what I want to do in the future, other than I know I want to go to college. Maybe one day I'll work at Space X or at a hospital. Each year I try to take something different for my elective, I did webpage design freshman year, woods last year, and art this year. Art has been a fun class this year, I really knew nothing about art coming in, but now I can name all 14 principles and elements.

Blind Contour and Upside Down

One of the first exercises we used was blind contour. We had to draw what we see, with out looking at the paper. This is so that you don't draw from memory, you draw what you actually see and include as much detail as possible. With the upside down drawing instead of relying on memory I was forced to draw by looking at the spaces and angles. The results ended up looking a lot more realistic than they would have if I drew right side up. Since this was the beginning of the year we didn't focus on the line much, we just used a simple thin line.

Negative/ Positive Drawing

This piece was really fun to draw because I got to look at drawing differently. To draw the space between the reigns and the small space between the legs I looked at angles and spacing the negative space (the background) rather than the postitive space (foreground).

Hand Drawing

There is obviously a lot of improvement from my first attempt to the last. The second picture has much more value which, the lines where the creases are are much softer, and the spacing had just improved with practice, which all makes the picture more 3D and realistic.


This picture doesn't exactly look like me, but it does look like a person. I think the texture in hair is good. My face needs more value in it: darker darks and lighter lights. I like the detail and the folds in the sweatshirt. Overall I'm proud of this piece.


Once I drew the outline for this project, the only thing I really had to focus on was value. Before doing this project I still wasn't quite sure what value was, but by the time I was done I really figured it out. There are so many lights and darks in this piece which is something I love because it really makes it stand out and more realistic. This is probably my favorite piece.

Still Life

I personally think the shapes and values of this piece are good, I really like the globe and parts of the skeleton.

Scratch Board

This was fun to do. The value is decent, but you can see a lot of texture. I made texture by pressing harder or softer with the exacto-knife, and also with making cross hatches. This is another one of my favorites.

Two Point Perspective

The first drawing isn't great because I didn't know anything about shading, value, space, or especially horizon and vanishing point. The second picture could use more darks for better value. But when I used the lines and points as guide lines, it became easier to draw and a lot more realistic.

Self Portrait

The biggest improvement in the pictures is value and sizing/ spacing. The placement is much better.

Ruscha Ribbon Drawing

While drawing this we had to focus on the shadows, value, and type of line. All making it more realistic.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this class a lot and learned a lot. My brain is more wired black and white, so it was hard at first to look at pictures differently and hard to put it on paper. But I think I improved the most on value and texture. The best part about this class was the friends I made.


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