Future(Post college) By: Tristin Warner


I'm Tristin Warner. I like to work at the job I have. I work alongside my dad who is a pretty good teacher. Sometimes he lets you just mess up so you don't do it again. One time we were putting in bird blocks. They are blocks that have holes in them birds don't get in. Well the netting goes on the inside not the outside. Well I didn't know that and I put the whole house on backwards. So I had to go around the whole house and peel them off and put them back on correctly. It was terrible, but I learned not to do that again. This is what I want to do. Soon I hope to own my dads business. Every day is an adventure at Zack Warner Construction. When I was younger I wanted to be a scientist. You know the one thing in this life you can change is your effort. If I put more effort into Science then I would have been one. When I was about 14 we were pouring a slab for a horse barn. My dad let me run the float. It's when your able to smooth out the concrete and you have to do it good otherwise the slab or whatever your pouring will not look good.


As you know from being said above i'm intristed in construction. I like it you always get a new task each day. It also makes you feel good when you complete it and get put on another one. This really is a good feeling for me. I also like it when I get a paycheck on Fridays because I feel like I earned this. I work hard all week and I earned the money.

These are photos of what I look at and build with my dad.


In construction there really are no tests that you need to take. If you want to own your own business then you need to take a test so you can get your Lisence in the State of Oregon or anywhere else in the United States. You also might have to take an RPP Class. It is a class based om cutting or sanding or anything really that will have harmful chemicals in them. In April 22, 2008 they made it a rule that you have to take these classes in person or online because you need to know what can be harmful.In construction when you need to hire another man or women for your crew you might put them to work for the day and see how they fit with everyone else. At least that is how my dad does it I don't know about any other companies.

When I was a kid me and my dad built some stilts. Then on I knew that's what I wanted to pursue in life.


This bussines is located in Central Point, OR. It was created in a small town at the time Sheldon, IA. Once we moved to Oregon we established a base of communication. So now we do all of our business stuff at home on the computer so we don't have to hire a receptionist or anything like that. In the next four years I hope to have my own apartment somewhere and not living with my parents. I also want to have learned a lot form my dad about Construction. Hopefully I can take an employee and complete some little tasks or big things so that way we can pass the inspections. That is my goal at least so we will see.

Right. Is where the company originated. Left. Where it resided now days in beautiful Oregon.


Why do I do it? You know that is a good question. I ask myself some days. I know that some people hate there jobs. Well I kind of like mine. Everyone has those days when you don't want to go to work or they hate there jobs. That is only one day. Then the next you could love your job. So I guess I want to do this because my dad does it. He is a pretty good teacher but everyone has there downsides but I like my job.

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