Response to claims by the developer Things aren't always as they seem.

Cover article in the leader march 22nd, 2016

We are very appreciative for the cover feature and some outstanding points were made, however statements by both parties are not exactly correct. See below ...

"UP TO 1000 homes could be built in a new mini suburb slated for the Kingswood golf course in Dingley Village.

Developer AS residential has lodged plans for an 800-lot development on the 53-hectare Centre Dandenong Rd site which has the potential to grow to 1000. Kingston Council may also be gifted $2.4 million in developer contributions if the State Government approves the project."

Gifted?? That payment to council to cover some of the cost for services is mandatory in any large development.

But resident groups are calling for upgrades to roads, schools and open space before the project is ticked off.

We are actually asking for NO development

Kingswood Project senior development manager Anna Martiniello said the proposal included a kindergarten, childcare centre and nine hectares of open space. “We want the whole project to be openly accessible not just to new residents but for the rest of Dingley Village,” she said.

We are most concerned about trails opening the area. At present Dingley Village has a fantastic record of a very low crime rate and almost zero graffiti.
A commercial area is included, but their site seems to indicate if others buy that area, there will be no Kindergarten or Child Care centre. Quote from their site: "possible uses could be a childcare centre and associated kindergarten although no discussions have been held with possible service providers."
Both those services plus Primary and Secondary Schools are already overloaded in Dingley Village.

“We are trying to create a high desirable community and if we work to minimum standards it wouldn’t be as attractive as what we planned.”

According to the project’s website, lot sizes are expected to vary from 150sq m to 600sq m.

Appears to be typically 150 to 300 sq meters and up to four stories high (we will confirm shortly) - with absolutely no precedent in Dingley Village.
Further, the Leader reported on March 2nd that "Council plans for most dwellings to be in Activity Centres". Dingley Village does not come even close to that criteria. No train stations, few bus routes that go where we need to go.

Plans for project show a chain of wetlands and lakes will lift water storage in the area by “60,000 cubic metres”.

Ms Martiniello said the added water storage capability would reduce the risk of flooding to 70 Dingley Village homes.

The "wetlands" (Retarding Basins) are mandatory and we believe Melbourne Water is unaware of the extent of flooding approximately every ten years as the existing retarding basin overflows. However we have recent photographs of the floods.
Floods on the course.
How much worse will it be if 30 Ha or more is covered with dwellings, roads, and footpaths, replacing the enormous soak and one of the largest aquifers in the state that Vic Government contributed approximately $100,000 to build*?

Kingston Council planning and development manager Jonathan Guttmann said the project would be assessed against state guidelines in coming weeks.

“There is an extensive planning process to be worked through to determine if the proposal can proceed,” he said.

The project ultimately hinges on State Government approval.

Mr Guttmann said it was too early to determine how the council would use the proposed developer contribution.

Save Kingswood secretary Kevin Poulter said infrastructure and open space in Dingley Village needed to be upgraded before the proposal was approved.

We do not want approval at all.

“We are fighting to get more schools, ovals and better open space in the area but this development would add thousands of people to our little village.”

Developer AS residential will host an information session in late April.

Visit kingswooddingley

We have asked the Leader to please consider adding our site to future articles
It's incredible how developers can twist words to make their plans seem attractive, when they are not. We ask the Leader to represent their long-term readers, not a mega company that will destroy our Village and move on.

Kevin Poulter, Secretary, Save Kingswood Group Incorporated

* Figure needs confirmation
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