Hammocks Beach A reason to preserve the environment

April 2017 - I was hiking down a hardly worn path with a pack on my back on the sandy beach of Hammocks Beach in North Carolina, looking around at the empty beach that expanded for a mile each way - free of nearly everything. It was something I hadn't seen before in my life - unlike the vast beaches stuffed with people, each trying to enjoy the coast in their own way.

Adjacent to our campsite were these immense sand dunes - the biggest natural dunes I had seen.
Birds Flying By
Miles of Hardly Touched Landscape
One of the Most Beautiful Sunsets I Have Seen
A Hidden Lake

All of this could be gone in a short while if we as humans don't continue the destruction of the environment around us.

"It's important to preserve the environment we have for future generations, because if we don't take action now, it'll be gone before we know it" - Julia Agius, Environmental Club President

Arguably, the only reason this place stays relatively untouched is the "difficulty" of entering the island. But this brings up an issue - it's a remarkable view that we want more people to be able to experience. So, should we as a society make these places more available for people to enjoy at risk of the degradation of the environment? I think not.

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Spencer Cowley

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