Nature of the Good life

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished"


Nature is everywhere, yet we neglect it as humans. My trip to the Natural History Museum here in Florida was awesome to say the least. I learned a lot about the different time periods and the difference in animal groups of each period. The Butterfly Rainforest exhibit was definitely the prettiest but for me, seeing the unique landscape that Florida possess was the most intriguing. I honestly wasn't sure what an estuary was until today but now I know that they are beautiful and were vital to the survival of ancient civilizations.

Display the Estuary

As I previously said I loved learning about the difference in the landscape of Florida as you observe the state as a whole. The Barrier Islands, the estuary and the bog were probably my favorite out of the bunch. I love the ocean, for one. But most importantly I just love water. Any kind of waterway I find interesting and sensibly appealing. Walking through each landscape immerses you. They appeal to every sense besides taste, for obvious reasons. You hear the animals of the region, you smell the plant life and the water, you see the beauty and you feel there. It was awesome honestly, I really enjoyed myself.


The Calusa Fam

In reference to ethics, and more specifically Leopold's vision of understanding nature, the museum does a perfect job of not only showing change in the land over the years but also the change in people. It's one thing to have a museum filled with old relics and pretty exhibits. But the Florida Museum of Natural History allows you to take a walk through history in ways I was not expecting. It's one thing to note that the museum is extremely kid-friendly and is almost set-up with that same rigor. The exhibits flow seamlessly and provides education to the children on the ancient civilizations that without, life today wouldn't exist. I myself felt completely immersed in a new wealth of knowledge. Being from New York, my Florida knowledge past the Tebow area is rather non-existent.

Human Spirit

Butterfly Rainforest

I loved the Butterfly Rainforest exhibit. It's where I spent the majority of my time while at the museum and definitely was the most picture worthy. In regards to human spirit, this exhibit was the epitome. Everyone inside had a different aura about them. Sure it's pretty but more importantly, its majestic. The butterflies on this scale represent what we humans represent on a global scale. Small, fragile and eager met by the unnerving path of life that is uncontrollable. The good with the bad, life with the death. All in one. Its a beautiful thing and everyone who enters the exhibit experiences it. The best part for me was meeting a sweet, old lady who was sitting on a bench in the exhibit drawing. I stopped and asked her what she was drawing and she looked at me, smiled and said "I don't know yet" in the most honest voice I have ever heard. She wasn't unsure of what she wanted to draw. She wasn't comparing and contrasting what drawing would better than the next. She was waiting, taking it all in. Waiting for inspiration. Allowing her thoughts and life to become one instead of separating the two. This exhibit is special. It's a place that reminds us how small we really are and how important some things really aren't.

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