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Hello family!!

We are only a few weeks to get to know our first son, Luca. We are very happy but at the same time we are a bit of uncertainty because we know that this changed our lives completely, but we believe that for good. We have been preparing for this great day with enthusiasm and love. It has been an amazing season where God has shown us a lot of his heart and above all we are filled with great hope. "We want to give him the best! This reminds us the love of the Father and makes us feel loved too.

One of the first projects we had as a base was to build a roof where we will make preparations for the houses. This place is inside of a church that has opened to us for work from there. The roof will help us for care the wood and tools. Our friend David and my brother Jorge were helping us.

During one week we had a visit from our friend David, came from Pennsylvania to spend time with us. It was a great time sharing with what we do and also be part of that, Planning projects, we invite him to share with the students of klesis about his passion that is business and we also had the opportunity to make a short trip to Mazatlan for a weekend where we were able to visit other friends. Something that as a family we enjoyed, is able to have guests in our house.

Happy birthday!

Beto turned 23 years old the last February 28th, and soon he will be dad. The best is to come for his life.

At the beginning of the month of February i Beto and my brother David had the opportunity to be part of "houses of Hope" on the base in El PasoJuarez. During a weekend built 3 houses,we had the opportunity to help in the construction . We love to know that we can be a blessing even in other bases of the country. We could see a family more blessed, we met new people and made new friends. Also we are excited to tell you that the next month we will be building a house in Durango, which means that another family would be greatly blessed. This time we have a great team, they come from Pennsylvania to give hope to this family,they are a big team, 17 people. That blessing. A week ago we began with the preparation, to have everything ready when they arrive.

In the beginning of the year, the ministry of asulado and the baby store has had more recognition with the persons since we have had more sales and more persons have been a part of our workshops. We have done a lot of things so that the department and the shop are announced, from giving frills up to sharing about who we are you dare of the social networks. A few weeks ago I had the honor of giving a workshop about the communication and like building it in couple, it was a blessing for me, from preparing the class up to sharing it because God spoke many things to me and I could share with a couple what is in the God's heart. To speak in public is not anything that goes out for me naturally, it is something that really finds it hard to me a lot of work to do but I could have seen how God has been working this at me. I am much thrilled by what is still to come in this so nice ministry and that has brought so many passion to my life.

For two days we had a small marriages retreat with two great people, Dough and Jan have been marriage counselors for many years and this time we learned a lot about that. They were sharing with us about the parenting, wow was an amazing time! Beto and I learned so many things that we can use soon with our son. We have so much peace knowing that we are surrounded by wise people, people who fear the Lord and loves Him. We are in a season full of learning.

We begin our course klesis seven weeks ago! Arrived 5 students, a group very different but super hungry to know more about God and his purpose. It has been a great time, teachers have been a great blessing. God has been talking a lot, challenging us and others. Even for Beto and for me it has been a challenge because the classes are in our House and that has made us to be even more organized in order to achieve other tasks, but at the same time maintain a standard of cleanliness, hospitality and others. We know that God wants to do things in the life of each person to be able to influence in every sphere of society. We ask your prayers to keep open the hearts of each student to receive more.

The next month of April Beto will be part of two projects, God has been talking a lot about business but goes beyond have our own business. God has been encouraging to speak to others about this important topic, on how we can create a culture of the kingdom of God by means of the business. That is why we came up with the idea of making a conference for all those people who are influencing this area. And besides that Beto was invited by a church to speak at a conference for young teenagers, we wonder too much as Beto attended the church only once to speak together with another friend. It is amazing to see the different ways in which God wants to know and how each time we feel more adapted to this city. What is certain is that the best is yet to come.

Thank you!

We are very honored to have your support, we ask your prayers to continue his word to those who have not heard and also for all those new things the are coming into our lives, our first child. we would love that way we can pray for you if you have a request for prayer in particular. We are here to serve you.... We sent you a hug, the Sánchez.

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