EQUAL RIGHTS the march from selma, alabama - Montgomery Alabama, for the right to vote On Sunday March 7th 1965. African americans who wanted a right to vote marched and white people who belived african americans not voting was wrong.

On Sunday March 7th 1965, John Lewis and many others marched for the right to vote. George Wallace ordered cops to do whatever it takes to stop the march. Police beat them with clubs, and shot tear gas in the air. One of the marchers John Lewis said"I was prepared to die on that bridge in Alabama if necessary". "There was mayhem all around me" says Lewis ,"I could hear screaming, weeping, and gunshots". A couple days later President Johnson was shown on TV to tell Americans to stand with marchers in Selma. About a week later, President Johnson ordered 2000+ Army troops to protect marchers. On March 25 1965 about 25,000 marchers made it too Montgomery Alabama and by the end of the year around 250,000 African American men were registered to vote. Article - Showdown in Selma

300 marchers, marched from Selma to Montgomery. The marchers marched singing freedom songs, that showed their commitment to the march. At a meeting before the march there were more white's than black. Andy Young, one of MLK Jr's organizers said "You cant live with us down here without understanding poverty. We could have put up in fancy motels [They coldn't] but we wanted you to see how we live. We wanted you to live in Negroes' homes and see the poverty of our lives. Because before we get out of this movement, we'll have another one going up North." Andy Young also said "The march was kind of like instant history". The march was effecting the civil rights movement and effecting the country. A couple days later songs grew lowder and thousands joined the march for African Americans to vote. Article - Marching from Selma to Montgomery in 1965 by Andrew Kopkind


Primary source - Marching From Selma to Montgomery in 1965 - The Article Marching From Selma to Montgomery in 1965 is a primary source, wich means it was written during that time. In the article it said that only 300 marchers started in the march while the other article Showdon in Selma said 600 people started the march. In the Article it said nothing about George Wallace ordering cops to do whatever it takes to stop the march. In the article it also says that the were singing songs loudly while in the Showdown in Selma aricle said nothing about it.

Secondary source - Showdon in Selma - The Article Showdown in Selma says that 25, 000 people make it to Montgomery, but in the article Marching from Selma to Montgomery from 1965 it just says thousands reached Montgomery. The article Showdown in Selma talks more about during the marrch and after while the article Marching from Selma to Montgomery it talks a little bit abaout before, during, and after. It says 250,000 people were registered to vote.

Both - Marching from Selma to Montgomery 1965 Showdown in Selma - Both articles talk about during and after the march, Both Articles talk about The army troops and cops and both articles do state that many marchers walked from Selma Alambama to Montgomery Alabama and got what they fought for.

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