Wizard of Oz Civil war project


Dorothy represents the people of the U.S. during the civil war

Dorothy was thought to represent the citizens of the U.S. in one theory; because she was loyal, creative, and persistent to go home. However, in the other theory she was thought to represent Teddy Roosevelt because of the similar names.


Was believed to represent the western farmers of the U.S. ,he claimed to not have a brain although, throughout the story he was one of the best problem solvers.

Tin Man

He represented the Indurstrial workers of the U.S. who were dehumanized in the process. The Tin Man was rusted and not able to move very well. after the depression they felt useless after loss of their jobs.

Cowardly Lion

William Jennings Bryan

The cowardly lion was said to represent William Jennings Bryan, he was a supporter of the free silver movement. For Example he was said to be someone who said a lot of stuff but never actually did anything.

Yellow Brick Road

It's a representation that gold leads to power.

Wizard of Oz

Mark Hanna
Supposably represents Mark Hanna, who happened to be the republican parties chairman at the time.


The monkeys represented the native Americans. When they got run out of their original home, they found a new one that they did not particularly like.

Toto the Dog

Said to represent the average americans who go unnoticed.


Represents the gold/silver. The farmers wanted the money value to have fixed ratios of both gold and silver.some supported this some didn't .

Emerald City

Supposed to represent the White House and Washington D.C.


The lollipop guild in this seen as child labor.

Wicked witch of the west

Wicked Witch of the West represents the politician William McKinley who defeated Williams Jennings Bryant during the time of the free silver silver movement.

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