Montgomery Bus Boycott Marlon Gonzalez

On December 1st. 1955, Rosa Parks an African American rode at the front of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Rosa refused to give up her seat to a white women and it was against the law to not give up your seat when asked because of segregation of city buses. But even before she was arrested there were protests about rights on city buses, we can say she was the spark to start the boycott.

Montgomery Alabama, December 5th, 1955- December 20th, 1956

The goal of the event was to end racial segregation but to also get the same rights as everyone else. The boycott wanted to also end the segregation of city buses.

Many people in the south were involved, many people from around the states got involved and helped what needed to be done

Rosa Parks , Martin Luther King, Ralph Abernathy, E.D Nixon were involved, they were the faces of the boycott and helped people recognize the threat and helped the voices of African American citizens be heard.

Many people had to find out ways to get to places now that they wouldn’t ride the bus, also they still had to face segregation

They overcame these obstacles by having people driving other people to work and places they needed to go. Also other states would donate cars for them to travel around.

It was a step closer from desegregation, also the segregation on city buses as unconstitutional.

Yet, there are still some segregation going on in America.

Cesar Chavez work labor- Cesar Chavez was an American labor leader and civil rights activist

Causes - Many Mexican laborers were treated very poorly on working conditions and also were unfair with their payments. Also there was also segregation going on against the Latinos.

Cesar Chavez tactic was to start with non-violent protests which also carried on with boycotts, they wouldn’t work, businesses lost a lot of money.

The goal was to have those companies fix the conditions they were working in and also get a beneficial pay and for Latinos just to be treated as equal.

Obstacles were companies trying to stop Cesar and also Americans that were in that part being racist and actually hurting the protestors.


Cesar Chavez Staff -


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