Macbeth Final Project By: Jackson whitfield

The story of Macbeth is so unexpected. There is so many events that happen out of nowhere and shock the whole audience.
This picture relates to Macbeth because everyone in the story started to point fingers. Also, they blamed each other and it was literally chaos.
This picture really explains itself. There is a endless amount of guilt in Macbeth, it is basically a story about guilt.
This picture relates to Macbeth because the 3 witches predicted basically the whole story. Macbeth did not want to realize it, but the witches predicted his death.
This goes perfectly with the story because literally everyone is mad at someone in the story. There is not 1 person who is a happy camper.
This picture relates to Macbeth because people are getting blamed for actions and everyone is denying. You could get blamed for anything in this story.
The whole problem with Macbeth is that everyone wants to be King, especially Macbeth. We all know what that does to Mr. Macbeth.
This relates because there is a battle in Macbeth where a lot of blood was shed. Again all of this is because of Macbeth and his crazy self.
This fabulous meme ties to Macbeth because literally everyone hates him in the story. The only person that somewhat likes Macbeth is Lady Macbeth and she dies so it doesn't matter.
This picture is displaying the battle between Macbeth and Macduff at the end of the story. Also, it is kind of cool because Macbeth gets teased and he dies.

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