good life nature activity By: Nate BUSTAMANTE

nature on display:

The butterfly rainforest was the exhibit that appealed the most to me. When I walked inside the double doors it was as if I was being transported to a remote jungle. Butterflies were flittering over my head and it was such a peaceful, beautiful moment. What I found most captivating about the exhibit was how interactive it truly was. A Lepidopterist gave a guided tour where he described the patterns of the butterflies and identified each one that came by. I learned an immense amount about such a small insect that I would have never even known about. The butterfly rainforest is a must see when visiting the museum.

Photography by: Nate Bustamante Canon 7D MII

nature and ethics:

One exhibit that truly highlighted the importance of ethics of nature was the Monarch Passage. This is a small hallway that emulates the monarch's migration to Mexico every year. I had the opportunity to visit this migration in Mexico with Dr. Thomas C. Emmel (a Lepidopterist who works at the museum) this semester, and I saw the true importance of conservation in nature. This exhibit is beautiful and does a fantastic job of showing the magnitude of butterflies that migrate to Mexico. Other museum visitors silently marveled at the hall as they understood the true magnitude of the migration. At the end of the passage, the curator raises the question "Are these creatures worth saving?". The monarchs encounter many environmental issues such as pesticides and global warming that impact their migration. As humans we have the ethical responsibility to conserve nature and let these beautiful insects thrive.

Picture I captured of monarchs in Anguangeuo, Mexico

nature and the human spirit:

The Natural History Museum allows viewers to recognize how important their actions are on a daily basis. The exhibit pictured is a mural towards the end of the museum that simply says "Culture". This mural represents the commonality of nature. Your race, ethnicity, and culture do not matter to nature. Nature simply is. There are no prerequisites or accolades that must be earned in order to enjoy and protect nature. Humans on this earth are given the opportunity to enjoy the majesty of creation and that is an honor we should not take lightly. The museum allows us to step out of our ordinary lives and recognizes the unordinary aspects of nature, the beautiful specificity of the natural world.

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