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MISSION - Our mission is to bridge the gap between farmers and importers/roasters. By working in collaboration with coffee farmers in origin develop a sustainable coffee business that is focused on quality and innovation.
VISION - We want to be your professional and reliable partner, we supply coffees that are the result of a close relationship with farmers in origin where we source responsible and contribute to the innovation in coffee production. We are driven by our clients needs and work directly with farmers to ensure and maintain a the highest quality standard

Ergos Coffee was born with the purpose to promote Guatemala to the world, with passion for coffee, we closely collaborate with farmers to promote and find direct trade markets for their coffees. Our feedback on market trends and collaboration to develop new process methods, result in more interesting and higher-quality coffees to offer our clients.

We cherish our clients and we owe our success to you. Our sourcing approach aims to find high Price/Quality ratio coffees, and with our extensive farm relationship in origin, we offer you a one stop source and solution for all of your Guatemala coffee options.

Be the between Farmer and Roaster providing an easy path for finding, sourcing, quality assurance, logistics and after sale service to roasters around the world.

Promote Guatemala to the world, since our beginning, ErgosCoffee was formed as a Specialty Coffee Hunter, sourcing coffees for clients in the Asian market with the highest quality standards. Based on the demands of our clients we have grown our coffee offering to provide a one stop shop for all your Guatemalan coffee needs, maintaining a strict quality assurance supply chain from farmer to our clients.


at ErgosCoffee we understand, appreciate and share your passion for coffee!

Since our beginning ErgosCoffee was formed as a Specialty Coffee Hunter sourcing coffees for clients in the Asian market with the highest quality standards. Based on the demands of our clients we have grown our coffee offering to provide a one stop shop for our all your Guatemala coffee needs maintaining a strict quality assurance supply chain from farmer to our clients.

Our coffees selection is a result of a year long collaboration and hard work of our passionate coffee team, we could not be more excited to share them with our good clients.

We are a green coffee sourcing partner specialized in Guatemalan coffee

Coffee Passion : profesional passionate coffee team members

Service : at origin and also at destination we offer full service options for coffee options, packing, logistics and special client needs.

Quality : since our orings, Ergos was founded promoting specialty quality and has evolved in time to fill our clients needs for a wider range of quality.

Trust : years of experience in the market, after sale support to clients. Ergos follows up with clients to ensure their needs and standards were met with the coffee that was delivered.

Farm Network : specialized in Guatemala we promote our Family, Friends and Neighbors coffees making up a very ample selection of Micro-Lots, Seasonal Specialty Coffee network of more than 75 farms from the region, and qualities that Guatemala produces.

ErgosCoffeeGT : farm relationship, sourcing, quality control, special client needs an logistics.

ErgosCoffeeTW : in Asia logistics and import coordination, promotion and post sale service.

ErgosCoffeeUSA : in USA logistics and import coordination, promotion and post sale service.

research experimentation with post harvest process is part of our #CoffeeFlavorQuest

We at ErgosCoffee, aim to be your one stop shop for all your Guatemala coffee needs, offering you a wide range of coffee options from Unique Competition coffees, Single Estate and Single Variety, Experimental Coffee lots, Washed - Honey - Natural process, designed Regional Coffee brands and SHB options.

Our Network of farms, sourcing approach, quality control procedures, special request options, logistics and consolidation, import at destination (Taiwan, China, USA), our offices in Guatemala, Taiwan and USA, along with a team of passionate and hard working coffee people, ensures you will find the best price quality options. Rest assured, we at ErgosCoffee are taking care of your business.

☕️ We take a lot of pride in our quality selection process and with our extensive farm network offering we can offer you any of this options

  • Unique competition coffees - participation in group cupping and bidding of Private auctions and COE competitions.
  • Single Estate and Single Variety - We provide a very extensive options of Estate Coffees, many of our partners are Guatemala COE winners, Regional Anacafe winers.
  • Experimental coffee lots - in partnership selected farmers where we apply coffee research to post harvest wet-mill to explore new the unique and bold coffee flavors. We can list as special process: extended fermentation, anaerobic fermentation, Enzymes and yeasts as well as carbonic maceration, and others...
  • Post Harvest alternative processing methods - we collaborate and support farmers to create non traditional Washed - Honey - Natural process
  • Nano and Micro lots - unique and outstanding flavors are found in small batch, single farm, single variety, single harvest day, special process
  • Designed Regional coffee brands - we offer very carefully curated flavor profiles for our main Guatemala coffee producing regions in a very low defect count coffee. Regional coffee brands: Margarita-Antigua, Fatima-Huehuetenango, Las Nubes-Fraijanes, Paraiso-Oriente, Quetzal-Coban.
  • SHB blender option - a carefully selected and blended coffee that is a combination of a clean cup with high sweetness, good body with a low defect count, all at a very accessible price.
Guatemala coffee Laboratory
Passionate and talented coffee farmers
Guatemala famous farms and Ergos Coffee signature brands

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