Inclination A Company run by: Bailee Boulware, Tori Cloughtery, Mac wingo, and nick Richards

A tendency toward a certain condition; taking action

Our purpose in and through this company is to push and motivate people to make plans and become a better version of themselves. This idea is perpetrated through our packaging design as you will see below.

The Process

We chose the PPA student design challenge which was to design an interactive package for a fitness tracker that can be reused to store the product and allows customers to try on the product without being removed.

To start this project we began by determining the basic design of current fitness tracker packages on the market and decided how we wanted to make an innovative new package. Like said above this new design needed to allow the customer to wear and see the watch like it was on there wrist without it being taken out of the package.

Once we decided the direction we wanted to go in we started mapping out the overall design of our box as you'll soon see.

This was our first box that we cut by hand and this shaped how we moved forward through the whole process and below shows the overall change from box to box.
The one furthest to the left was our first cut and print and with this we realized the front window did not need to be on the corner, instead on the front. We also realized we wanted to do a back window that allowed for easy access to see how the watch would look. The next one we added our logo and graphics and modified the box itself by making it a taller structure with a front window and large back window. The next two have our new and final design along with our new logo with different background colors to see which design overall looked best. The final box has a different shaped window which is more rounded to fit the shape of the wrist and we thermoformed the window so that the watch fits into it and is more secure and stable.
Our mold for thermoforming
Our mold for thermoforming

The thermoformed window makes our package different because it makes the idea of wearing the watch very realistic.

Competitive Analysis

A part of the overall process that made us make changes was receiving poor eye tracking results. Overall in this testing procedure we learned that our package did not catch many peoples eye and if it did, not for very long. This made us rethink our design and that is why we changed to a thinner look with a more innovative, thermoformed, window.

Finally we set out to make our package easily accessible to show what the watch would look like on your wrist without being taken out of the package and it does just that along with holding the watch and charger for storage.

This is our final package design below.

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