Neutral news The offical news cast that dose not want to be yeld at for supporting one side or anOther

Reconstruction begins!

The president and congress are now trying to restor the south to the union.

Former confederate state governments now have to be replaced with governments loyal to the United States. President Lincon and congress now have to decide the terms under which states can rejoin. In addition millions of enslaved Africans are now free.

Even though Texas has not taken as much physical damage as the rest of the south it still has major problems. The cost of raising and equipping troops has led Texas into a huge debt. Many Texans who opposed section are being treated badly.

Two Presidential plans

Over the past few mounths Lincoln has been hopping to restor the union as fast as possible. He believes that punishing the south will delay the the healing of the country. He offered a pardon to the southerners who are willing to pledge an elegance to the United States. If 10% of the state pledges the elegance they will be welcomed back into the states.

After lincons assasination, andrew Johnson was elected as the new president. Andrew Johnson has takeing over the role of of Abraham Lincoln, in reconstructing the United States.

Johnson plans to let confederate states rejoin the union after they meet 3 conditions. The first condition is that the state has the nolgify its act of secretion. The second condition is that the state has to acknowledge that the United States will not pay for civil war debts. And the last condition is that the state has to radify the thirteens amendment.

Slavery ends in Texas!

Over the past view months, general Gordon Granger and his troops have been spreading the news about the emancipation proclamation.

Grangers order ending slavery on June 19th, set off great celebration among African Americans. Africans are calling the celebrations Juneteenth after June 19th.

to help the freed people, congress has created the freedman's bureau. The freedman's bureau helps free people find jobs, and supplies food and clothing. it also provides an education to Africans.

New Texas govonor appointed

President Johnson has appointed the unionist Andrew J. Halmoltin, to lead the provisional government of Texas.

Hamilton has appointed other unionist to the state and country's government. Although the officials are loyal to the union many of them do not want to grant African amaricans any rights.

Yesterday Hamilton called for an election of delegates to a constitutional convention. In the convention delegates wrote a new state constitution to help obey the conditions of joining the union.

The new constitution!

yesterday, on March 1st, delegates wrote the constitution of 1836. It states that all freed people are able to own property and enter into contracts, however, they are barred from voting, holding public office, serving on juries, or testifying in court agonist a white man.

Texas voters have approved the constitution and elected James W. Thockmore as Governor of Texas. voters have returned confederate leaders into power. now the confederate leaders are refusing ratify the the two amendments.

black codes are now restricting the rights of African Americans. the black codes state the all Africans are not able to vote, serve on juries, or testify against a white man in court.

Congress takes control!

since president Johnson reconstruction plan has provided little effects on the south, congress has taken control of the job.

the enactment of the black codes have led many northerners to attack presidents Johnsons plan to reconstruct the south to easy. radical republicans want much tougher requirements for the south to rejoin the states.

president Johnson has not wanted to give up control of reconstruction because he thinks that some measures congress passed to protect freed people have been unnecessary so he has decided to veto congress, however congressional elections have gave radical republicans two thirds control of both houses of congress

Radical reconstruction begins

congresses reconstruction plan will send the military to rule the districts, until the states meet certain conditions. These conditions include ratifying the fourteenth amendment, ratifying the fifteenth amendment, and finally taking the ironclad oath.

the ironclad oath pledges that someone who had voluntarily served in the confederacy was not able to vote, serve in juries, or hold in public office.

Freedman get to vote

general Charles Griffin has used the army and the freedman's burrow to register male freedman to vote across the state of Texas.

African Americans are determinant to exercise the right to vote in almost every Texas county, freedmen work together to register other freedman and in all nearly 50,000 freedman have voted.

Recently the KKK or the Ku Klux Klan has been spreading into Texas. the KKK uses violence and terror in effort to block reconstruction and to prevent African Americans from having rights.

The KKK dose not only oppose Africans, they also target carpetbaggers and scalawags. anyone who supports the freedman's burrow or wants reconstruction watch your back!

Reconstruction ends!

Finally after 11 long years, reconstruction has ended in Texas! however many white Texans believe that Reconstruction will not end as long as radical republicans remain in power.

Many Africans continue to live in rural areas. Some Negroes continue to work for white farm owners, while other set out to find there own land.

democrats have won the majority of seats in the state legislature. they have immediately reduced the governors power. the democrats have talked about overthrowing the republicans and returning Texas to its original state. the democrats have also removed davis and replaced him with coke.

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