Gallstones By: Robert jasso, Zitalhi Perez, Nadia Covarrubias, Eduardo rodriguez

Who? Women, people over age 60, Native Americans, Mexican Americans, overweight men and women people who lost a lot of weight quickly, pregnant women, women on hormone therapy, and women who use birth control pills.

What? Gallstones are hard deposits in your gallbladder, a small organ that stores bile which is a digestive fluid made in the liver.

When? Gallstones were discovered in the twenty-first Egyptian Dynasty(1085-945 BC). Gallstones were discovered by the Greek physician Alexander Trallianus.

Where? Gallstones are found in the Gallbladder but can be seen through the rest of the GI Tract when getting passed/leaving the body. They can be treated by medical professionals at nearly every hospital. The can lead to minor surgery to remove them. It occurs in almost all animals but a large majority of animals treated for Gallstones are cats and dogs.

Why? People develop Gallstones for numerous reasons. One being an overproduction of bile causing high cholesterol. Buildup of cholesterol and other chemicals solidify and harden to create Gallstones. In animals causes include inflammation, tumors, infections, and low protein diets. Some canine breeds are even predisposed to them.

How? Gallstones relate to me because my dad and sister have both had them.

Resolutions? Bile acids can be used to dissolve gallstones, it does not work on calcified gallstones. In some cases, surgery may be done to avoid complications.

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