Who's On Drugs by mariah Pelletier

Alexa is a 17 years old senior from Palm Beach High School in Florida. She used to be a straight A’s student but ever since sophomore year when she started drinking alcohol she hasn't been doing so good. She was one of the best players on her softball team in the first two years of high school, until she started drinking.

When sophomore year came around Alexa had a lot of stress. Her family had started to fall apart when her parents were always fighting and eventually got divorced and she lost her older sister when she moved to college. Then many rumors started to go around her school, some days she couldn't even go a class without people making rude comments. She started to really fall behind in school which caused her to have more stress.

Then one day her best friend invited her to a senior party and she thought she needed a break from school and the stress so she went to have some fun. There happened to be alcohol there and a within a few minute she was offered a drink and she said “no thank you I don't drink alcohol.” The guy who offered her a drink told her that all it would do is make her ‘relax’ because it is a depressant. When she heard that, her mind thought that it was perfect for her. Although she didn't know all of the bad things that could happen. So she started drinking and just kept drinking more and more.

She started slurring her speech, got a headache and had trouble breathing so her friends mom picked her up and let her stay at her house. She had to help Alexa up the stairs because she had distorted vision and couldn't see properly. As soon as she got in the house she started to throw up. The next day she went home and her mom asked her about what happened and she didn't remember anything from that night. Her mom said she probably had a blackout.

Ever since that party she started drinking very frequently, almost every day. She dropped out of the softball team because she couldn't play as well since she didn't have as fast of a reflex as before. She never hung out with anyone anymore because all of her friends knew the consequences of alcohol and all she wanted to do was get drunk to make the pain go away. Her friends tried to warn her that alcohol isn’t a joke and it’s really bad but she didn’t care. She started to skip school because she would rather drink, before she knew it she was spending all the money she had saved on alcohol. Then she started giving up on school. She started becoming distant to her family because she couldn’t risk her family finding out.

A year or so after she got addicted, she started to realize what everyone was talking about when she got permanent brain damage, developed depression and has a really shortened attention span. She learned that alcohol is something serious and shouldn’t be messed around with. As time passed she realized that she wouldn’t be able to stop on her own. With the help of family and friends Alexa found a treatment center. There she was able to stop drinking and realize how much worse her life had become with alcohol and that she couldn’t use that to hide her pain.


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