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Teacher of the Month

The Teacher of the Month is MRS.DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's talk a little bit about Mrs.Deal. First Mrs. Deal likes to teach 3rd grade, she loves chocolate. Something else that she likes is the store Loft, she also loves a lot of boots. Mrs. Deal said that being a teacher is kind of hard because some kids are at different levels and she wants to try to keep them at the same level, but that she loves being a teacher. Let's talk a bit about why Mrs. Deal chose to be a teacher. Mrs. Deal chose to be a teacher because she wanted to help students that came from Mexico. It's important to her to be bilingual and get to teach both languages. Mrs.Deal’s favorite part of the day is when the kids come in and it's a new day. Mrs.Deal’s hardest task is when a kid is sad and she can't help. Mrs. Deal chose to be a teacher when she was 22 years old. She loves to teach Spanish literacy. Mrs. Deal still loves football. Her different job instead of a teacher is being a mom. She loves being a teacher. Before Mrs. Deal was a teacher, she wanted to be an advertiser. Mrs. Deal’s other sport isn't always football. She also has a different sport which is baseball. Mrs.Deal got an elementary bilingual degree and she also has a masters degree to be a principal. And that is it. This is the teacher of the month!!!!!!!

Be Strong, Be Fit by Hailey M.

My article for Harris News will be the Be Strong, Be Fit girls' running club. I think this is a really good opportunity because there are lots of activities and games that include running, jogging, and lots more. There is a 5 kilometer run at the end of the program. Thank you for listening to my Harris news

Be Fit, Be Strong by Allison R.

The Be Fit, Be Strong is a club for girls. It’s like a running club, but for girls only. Be Fit, Be Strong was canceled due to COVID-19 which is sad. In Be Fit, Be Strong you meet under the big tree where the picnic tables are.You are allowed to bring your own snack.You meet under the tree every Wednesday and Thursday.When you finish all of the practice days which would be in May I think, that is when you do a 5k run, it is gonna be really cool.



by Alexander A. and José L.

A lot of people are asking about the coronavirus, another name for the coronavirus is COVID-19. This virus started in 2019 in Wuhan, China. The coronavirus is a sickness that has symptoms of a cold or the flu, such as, fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. More than 3,000,000 people have been infected. There have been more than 200,000 deaths globally and nearly 1,000,000 people have recovered. It is more dangerous for infants and elderly people.

Everybody in Italy is in quarantine because of the growing outbreak. Also if you didn't know, some schools in France will close because of the disease. The NBA has been suspended for the season because of this novel coronavirus.

Coronavirus by Kyara L.

So what's happening in the world is that the coronavirus first was in China. People got sick, and they spread it to the world. The sickness got even worse, and they have not figured out a cure for the virus. People have died from the coronavirus and the governor of Colorado has made us stay home and be safe, that's part of the quarantine. It is still spreading in the world, and we’re not allowed to go to school for this year and now news came out that animals can get the coronavirus, that's sad to me. My dad’s cousin died because of the coronavirus. The sickness contains high fever, headaches, your throat hurts, and you feel very weak. For old people that have bad conditions such as getting heart attacks or their lungs don't work well, they can get it and it will be even worse for them because this sickness is very bad and they can probably die from that.

COVID-19 by Jesús G.

Welcome, everybody. So today we have some very bad news for everyone who is watching. We are about to start the breaking news for today. Let’s start. These last two or three months you guys have heard in the news about the COVID-19, and today we are going to talk about the COVID-19. You guys have been hearing in the news these last two weeks are going to be the worst two or three weeks but it turns out that it's not going to be. Some states are already out of quarantine which is good for us because COVID-19 is staying more contained so we might have school next year instead of online school, which stinks. You don't get to see your friends a lot, you don't get to see your teachers a lot, and you don't get to learn a lot. That's all for today guys, hope you guys enjoyed this episode of Harris News see you next time, bye guys.

COVID-19 by Andy H.

COVID-19 is affecting a lot of people. The COVID-19 is a virus that came from Wuhan, China, and it is traveling around the world. The COVID-19 is affecting people by not letting them go to their job and the people have not been not able to pay the rent of their homes. The COVID-19 is also affecting the sport by canceling the games and music concerts. The COVID-19 has killed a lot of people around the world, even famous people have gotten the COVID-19 including Plácido Domingo, Rudy Gobert, and Donovan Mitchell, these were the first NBA players to test positive for COVID-19. Callum Hudson-Odoi, the soccer player, tested positive as well and way more people have gotten the COVID-19. It is super sad that schools have closed and we are not able to talk to our friends or play with them.

Coronavirus Cells

Fiction Poems and Songs

Diary of a Completely Normal Kid

by Giulianno V.


Journal Entry Day 1:

Hi, my name is Jasper. I am 13 years old and go to Richardson Middle. If you are reading this that means that my plan was successful. You are probably wondering, what is your plan? I’ll tell you. My plan was to… never mind It'll spoil the whole story. Also you are not reading my diary, It's a journal! My mom just bought a diary even though I told her not to, one million times! See, this is what I mean: my life is so unfair! I mean who buys a journal for their son even though they tell them one million times NOT TO! Well, welcome to my crazy middle school life. P.S. There totally aren't aliens that are trying to destroy the planet while I am at school no, no, no, totally not...

Monday, I Think:

Today my mom was bringing me to school in our LAMBORGHINI! Just kidding it was a Ferrari. GOTCHA! I wasn't riding in either of those cars. My mom was driving me to school in our red Ford. When I got to school I was going up the steps to the school when my mom screamed back at me “HONEY BUNCHES, WHERE IS MY KISS?!” I stared back while I heard snickering and laughing, and one kid said: “Hey Honey Bunches, I think your mom is calling you!” I was so embarrassed! So, I ignored her and went into the school. I realised today was the field trip so I had to go all the way back to the car which was like 3 feet away! I know it's so much, my legs almost broke from the insane distance! I opened the door, got my slip of paper, and was about to shut the door when my mom gave me a big wet loud (SUPER LOUD) Kiss in front of everyone. “MOM WHY'D YOU DO THAT!” I Hollered. Then, she closed the door and sped off without any explanation. Next thing I knew I'm on the bus to get to the mountains for the field trip. Did I mention I have no friends? No? Well, now you know, but today when I got on the bus I sat next to a girl with a ponytail, red socks, a pink sweatshirt, and faded jeans. “WaHt’S YoUr NaMe?” My voice cracked when I said that, so it came out more like “Wha name your eh?” She gave me a weird glance then turned away. So, I tried again “sorry, my voice cracked. I meant to say hi, my name is Jasper. What's your name?” “Angelica” she replied. “Nice to meet you Angeli...” BOOOOOOOM! There was a sudden explosion AAAAND there goes my journal. Great! My only journal flew out of the bus like it was superman. Next thing I knew I was flying out of the bus like superman, too. I woke up to the sound of more explosions and bright lights in my face. I opened my eyes and looked forward only to see myself in the middle of a highway with fire everywhere and my school bus flipped over. Then I saw the body of Angelica on the ground. Oh no, I rushed to her, “ Are you ok? Are you dead? Because if you are, I can't help you because I know nothing about bringing people back to life.” “I'm not dead, genius! I'm just resting.” “Oh, ok,” I replied. I looked up into the sky and saw three alien-looking-spaceships flying over my head. Then I noticed a pod, from the spaceships, flying towards me. “OH NOOOO!!!!” I screamed. The pod landed a good 40 meters away from me. Then, I heard a pop noise as I saw a black-slime-looking creature crawl out of the spaceship and take the form of a big dog. I started to run until I saw Angelica still on the ground; so I dragged her until she got up and slapped me in the face. “OW! What was that for?” “Who drags a conscious person across a highway... Oh my, what is that??” “I don't know! Just run!!!” We started to run across the broken, burning highway when we saw about ten tanks drive towards us with about 40 soldiers following. Then I saw another alien spaceship zoom over my head and shoot 3 blasts at the tanks, exploding them, and leaving only parts of the tank behind. Angelica and I started towards the other side of the highway when we heard one of the soldiers whisper to us “ Hey you! I need you guys to take this hard drive to that big tower over there. See it? Protect it with your life!” “What?” we both replied. The soldier continued and said, “This hard drive will activate the space station up there to shoot a big lazer at their mothership. We believe if we destroy the mothership the aliens will call off their attack and go home. And the most important thing is-” “Is what!? “Hello?” I snapped as I saw those bright blue eyes go dead…..

The End… Of part 1!

Wait until next week to find out if Angelica and Jasper make it to the tower and call off the attack.

Fantastical Fiction Darkmoon’s Prophecy

by Xali



“Noooooo! I wanna be wif mommy!” The little dragonet, ( baby dragon) cried while being dragged away by her big brother, Darkclaw.

“Ugh relax, you’re only going to have a talk with your daddy after you got mauled by a bear, shot by venom. Well, ok, that was your daddy’s fault but you still get what I mean right?” Not waiting for an answer, he continued, “Oh! And not to mention you jumping into a volcano AND almost getting shot to the moon by a mad animus and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!”

“Ok,ok, I gets it!” the little dragonet said in a, “I am so bored so just leave me alone,” tone of voice.

“DARKMOON!!! COME HERE NOW! You are going to school in the Kingdom of Sand RIGHT NOW so HURRY UP!!!”

“Oki be there in a minute mommy!”( Three Hours later…)

“ I’m ready mommy!” Darkmoon shouted.

“What took you so long???” Her mom yelled from across the bedroom.

“Oh, that. I had to pet my snake who bit me twice even though he and Darkclaw had to get on his sweatshirt and it had fruit on it so he had to wash it by the lake twice!!!”

“Ok great talk but… YOU’RE STILL THREE HOURS LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!” Her mom yelled (yet again).

Run run run! Her mind yelled as she raced through the tunnel hoping she wasn't too late to school. “Ahh!!!” she screamed as a shadow emerged from the darkness.


“Ahh!!!” The shadow screamed. “Oh just a dragonet. Huh you looked much bigger from over there!” the shadow said as she moved closer for an examination to see if she had her student leaf with her. As she leaned in closer though she could just make out the faint shape of horns and frills…

“Aha!” she shouted “You’re a rainwing!!!”

“Yes and you are a bit of a hybrid I see,” the rainwing/shadow said. “Yeah, you got me.” she said to her, “Oh, and by the way, what are you doing here, of all places?”

“Oh… I guard the tunnels for any stray dragonets,” she said calmly.

“Well, I guess you found me!” she joked. “Oh, and also, before I forget...can you come out into the light?”

“Oh yeah I guess…” she said.

Then she came into the light…

“WOW!!!!” I yelled “ YOU’RE SO PRETTY!!”

“Really? You think so?”

“Yeah totally!” Then added shyly, “I bet my big bro would like you…”

“Really?” “ You really think so?”

“Oh yes…” she said

“Ok.. if so, can I meet him???”

“Yeah , I'm sure he wouldn't mind…”

“Oh… by the way, I never got your name.”

“Oh it's Darkmoon. What's yours?”

“It's Brightclaw. Can I come to school with you to meet your brother?”

“Sure you can, but I'll just be in the bushes hiding ok?”


“Let's go.”

By the way, she thought to herself, “I am the daughter of two hybrid dragons whose moms were hybrids and their moms were hybrids whose moms were hybrids, and so on and so on?

So I like all dragons and I have a lot of powers too!”

“Let's see here,... I have stingers in my wrists and fire thread! I also have sand power so I can control it! Oh yeah! And I can read minds and see the future like Clearsight!” she thought.

If you didn't know who she was, then here's a quick explanation.

1. Clearsight was a Nightwing who had future powers but she could see all the futures. 2. She befriended Darkstalker, another Nightwing who had animus powers and mind reading and ‘see the future powers’ so he was very powerful but Clearsight thought he was nice. 3. Darkstalker kills his father with magic by enchanting him to disembowel himself. 4. Clearsight makes Fathom (their friend) use his magic to make a sleeping bracelet to make him go away and not DESTROY all of Pyrrhia. 5. That's all folks.

She also has even more powers like a poison barb on her tails ( did I mention she has two tails)? Well now I did. She has a real snake, a pet scorpion and a bracelet that protects her from other dragons’ magic! She can also breathe and control fire, Ice, and venoms! She looks like a normal Nightwing dragonet because she hides her other tail using Rainwing camouflage so she doesn't get bullied by other dragons in school. Also-/////

“Darkmoon, what is your answer to question 23?” the teacher asked.

“Huh? What?” she mumbled as she gathered her thoughts.


“It’s ten okay, now STOP YELLING!”




“Ok, Ok sheesh!”


“Nothing,” She replied as innocently as she could.


“Seriously? That's the third time this week…”

“I CAN MAKE IT TWO WEEKS! By the way, what are the steps to get to your answer on question 23?”

“There are no steps. 2+1=10. DUH.”




“Why meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Darkmoon cried as she was dragged (once again). But this time she was being dragged to Jade Mountain Academy! As soon as she got to Jade Mountain though, she slunk into the plants, as quiet as a mouse, except for the occasional giggle of a passing thought.

Then after about an hour of spying, she slunk out, deciding it was safe. Did I mention that she has 9 times the brain of any normal dragon? Well, she does, and that's the reason her parents signed her up for Jade Mountain Academy. Also, the Princess Stormbringer is coming to Jade Mountain and if so, she wants to be her friend! She went up to Fatespeaker who, at a glance recognized her as “the trouble maker.” She got new classmates and their names were, Soar the Skywing, Fusa the Rainwing, a random name who she didn't know, Wave the Seawing, Striker the Sandwing and Shard the Icewing.. They all had pets too! Her pets were a scorpion, a snake, and a jaguar. Fusa’s pets were a bunch of cats. Wave had a pet seahorse, Shard had a baby penguin, and Stormbringer had a cat named Coconapple.

Chapter Two

The prophecy

“My clawmates are the best!!!” Darkmoon yelled after Wave brought a mango to her during detention.

“ Nah… it was nothing…” Wave dismissed it with a shake of his claw.

“Well, thanks anyway,” Darkmoon sighed. If only he would accept my thank you’s once in awhile… she sighed wistfully.

“Well, if there's anything else I can do for you, just let me know.” “Thanks again” she said as he left.

And, as if her wish had come true, he called “Your welcome!” as he left.

That made her think, (Do my clawmates have powers) too? Well, they haven't thought about it, except for Shard, who’s mind was a complex maze, complete with blinding light and white crystals. She could hardly ever get a clear thought from him, except for that occasional Icewings are superior to all species. If she told them she could read their minds, see the future, and had a lot of other powers, they would freak out and probably abandon her./////

Her favorite dragon was Fusa, the Rainwing. He was always thinking about all the rainforest animals and was way smarter than he pretended to be. He was most definitely not a “lazy Rainwing.” He actually was the only Rainwing who liked hunting, and was very good at it too. It wouldn't hurt to ask them but, as soon as she thought that thought, she got a burning headache. Great, she thought. Another headache. But there was something special about this one. It felt like her head was about to explode. And you know what that means? A vision.

Pain flashed through her head as she jerked against a wall, trying to get rid of it. A small dragon, a rainwing to be exact, her scales the colors of a storm, was wearing a small pearl necklace around her neck and was in the middle of a swirling storm. Then the vision changed. Now the dragon was the color of passion fruit heading down the hallway towards me! Oh. wait.

That was actually happening. WAIT. THAT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.///// RUUUUUUN. RIGHT! CAMOUFLAGE! (She was totally FREAKING OUT right now). Too late. The dragonet saw her heading her way!

“MY DOOM IS NEAR!!!” she thought. Her mind screamed, but her legs stayed rooted to the spot.

“Hi!” the stranger said as she got closer. “My name is Stormbringer,what's yours?” she asked.

“ STORMBRINGER?!? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? DAUGHTER OF QUEEN GLORY AND DEATHBRINGER??? REALLY? YOU ARE LYING! YOU CANNOT BE PRINCESS STORMBRINGER I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS! Ok, fine! I will accept that but where is your nightwing though? ” I asked and yelled at the same time.

“Um… well, I have these stars under my wings from daddy and I can change mah scales like mommy! Well, except the scales under my belly. Do you wanna be fwends?”

“Sure,” she replied. “Then let's go to your cave and we can talk about secrets!”

“Ok!” (at the cave) “wait a minute… Why you go in my cave?”

“Cause this is my cave too!” /////

“Wow! Then we’re clawmates!”

“What's your secret then…?” I asked her.

“Well… I have a pop out spike fwom my twail and I can show you it! See here! *shwic* there!”

“Wow! That's so cool! Guess what I can do? Well...I am the daughter of two hybrid dragons whose moms were hybrids and their moms were hybrids whose moms were hybrids and so on and so on. So I like all dragons and I have alot of powers too! Let's see here... I have stingers in my wrists and fire thread! I also has sand power so I can control it! Oh yeah! And I can read minds and see the future like Clearsight! I also have even more powers like a poison barb on my tails and I have a real snake and a pet scorpion and a bracelet that protects me from other dragon’s magic! I also can breathe and control fires, ices, and venoms! I also have venom breath which is pretty cool too. I look like a normal nightwing dragonet because I hide my other tail using rainwing camouflage to turn my scales black.” Darkmoon said.

“Wow. Dats a lot of powers Darkmoon. Do I have that many?”

“ I don't know but I bet I can find out.” Darkmoon replied./////

Chapter four


“Uhg. this isn't wooorking” Darkmoon whined.

“I just wanna have powers. Why is that so hard?” Stormbringer yelled back.

“Ohhh… I don't know. Maybe because most dragons don’t HAVE powers!”

“Ohhh… dats true…”

“Well, we can try something different, like- oh no!, It's starting to rain, welp, we better go inside…”

“No! I don't want it to rain!!! I want it to be supa sunny!” Stormbringer whined.

“Wait, what's happening??? Is the rain going away? Wait, Stormbringer! I think I figured out your power!!! It's weather control!!!”

“Wow!! Really Darkmoon? Do you think that's my power?”

“Well, there's only one way to find out! Go ahead and try!”

“Okay… there goes nothing, I wants it to snow!”

“It's working!!! Nice job!” replied Darkmoon.

A Special Harris Song

By Ariana R. and Kyara L.

This goes out to Harris!!

For every dark night is the sun gonna shine.

It's not hard to tell there's no school like this one,

I know when I'm at school everything is gonna be fine.

I am gonna love Harris til the end of the time,

Steve is our mascot,

H is for honesty

A is for attitude

R is for respect

R is for responsibility

I is for initiative

S is for safety

What does that spell !!!


For every dark night is the sun gonna shine.

It's not hard to tell there's no school like this one,

I know when I'm at school everything is gonna be fine.

I am gonna love Harris til the end of the time,

Esteve is our mascot,

H is for honesty

A is for attitude

R is for respect

R is for responsibility

I is for initiative

S is for safety

What does that spell !!!


For every dark night is the sun gonna shine.

It's not hard to tell there's no school

Like this one.

Just if you don't know HARRIS IS THE BEST!!!!

Mythical Creatures

by Lila C.


These monsters live under bridges, in burrows underground or in caves. They rarely leave their lairs during the day because sunlight turns them into stone. Water trolls are agile in water but clumsy on land. But they all have strong teeth and jaws

A Goblin is mischievous, and usually very unpleasant. They are vengeful, greedy creatures whose primary purpose is to cause trouble to humankind; this is the most common type according to European folklore.

Elves are near immortal and even the race of Humans can live well into their centuries. As with all races of Middle-earth, Dwarves’ lifespans lessened by the Third Age, meaning they only lived to be around 250 years old.

Dwarves live a long time. They love trahure, and hunt for it. They live in mountains or some are underground.

A fairy is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore. They are a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural. Myths and stories about fairies do not have a single origin, but are rather a collection of folk beliefs from disparate sources. They can fly and have wands.

The Pegasus is a white horse with wings that can fly. It is very beautiful, and can only be controlled with a golden bridle given to Bellerophon by Athena. Long ago, Perseus killed the monster Medusa using a reflective shield and winged sandals.

The name dragon is derived from the Latin word 'draconem' which means 'huge serpent'. Western, or European, dragons tend to be very large fire-breathing, serpent-like, scaly creatures with wings. Eastern, or Chinese, dragons tend to be smaller creatures, with no wings, horns for ears, and are friends of humans.

Werewolves remember their exploits even after returning to human form. The werewolf disease is known as lycanthropy and involves rapid hair growth, an insatiable hunger for raw meat, and fully turning into a wolf. Rapid mood swings, insomnia, and violent behavior are other indicators.

The Yeti or Abominable Snowman is a folkloric ape-like creature taller than an average human, that is said to inhabit the Himalayan mountains. The names Yeti and Meh-Teh are commonly used by the people indigenous to the region, and are part of their history and mythology.

A centaur, or occasionally hippocentaur, is a creature from Greek mythology with the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse.

Chimera in Greek mythology, a fire-breathing female monster with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tale; any mythical animal with parts taken from various animals. In extended usage, the term may be used for a thing which is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve.

An imp is a mythological creature similar to a fairy or demon, usually described in folklore and superstition. Imps are usually described as more than a serious threat, and as lesser creatures, not important supernatural beings. The small helpers who attend the devil are sometimes described as imps.

Pixies are small, wingless fairy-like creatures.

They have pointed ears, pointed hats that are sometimes tall, and oftentimes have reddish hair. Pixies are mostly joyful, but sometimes get into mischief.

One of their favorite hobbies is riding horses.

The Manticore was a mythical being with the head of a man and the body of a lion. Its name comes from an ancient Persian word forman-eater, as the Manticore was believed to eat people. It had three fearsome rows of teet, and a long tail with spines.

Gnomes are very gentle beings, and like to ensure that all living creatures remain unharmed. They carry knives with them in order to rescue animals from traps and remove splinters from paws, so that no creature has to live in pain

Sea serpents are usually relics of Mesozoic marine reptiles. There are some stories which said that sailors mistake the back of a monster for a chain of islands. They are very big fish.

A Gremlin is a mythological creature similar to a fairy or goblin which had their origins during the World Wars. During these times, they were said to cause havoc on aircraft - a trait which they have been continually given since their creation. Though in time, their destructive nature has come to include almost any type of mischievous behavior.

Poem by Ariana R.

There is one school in Fort Collins called

Harris Bilingual, there might be

millions of schools on this earth.

But out of every school, we all know that

there is no other school than Harris.

We might be apart from each other...

But we will learn always because we have all these

amazing teachers. We will have fun for the rest of the year.

Yes it might not be now how you think, but if we all

Work together...

We can do it together!!!!

Movies and Books

Percy Jackson Lightning Thief Book Review

By: Joanna B.

Percy Jackson, the Lightning Thief is a book about three young adventurers that are on a quest to find the Greek God Zeus's master bolt (symbol of power). The three friends learn about friendship, loyalty, and kindness. An example of this is during a battle between the monster Medusa and the three adventurers, they need to help each other get out of the restaurant without getting turned to stone.

They face tons of obstacles that test these young adventurers, like monsters and demons. Most are either not as scary as Medusa or scarier than Medusa. They go all the way to the Underworld, where they face Hades, the God of the Underworld.

Together they help each other succeed returning the bolt to Zeus.These friends find out a lot about themselves and each other on the way. For me when I read this book it is very hard to put this book down. I hope that this book gets your attention like it got mine.

What to Read?

by Bella A.

If you are getting bored and have no books to read, I recommend The Chronicles of Narnia. The second book in The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, it’s about four siblings who find a passage to a world called Narnia, where they are the only ones who can take away the forever lasting winter with no Christmas. You can get these books on Overdrive. There are probably other ways to get them to but I have been getting them on Overdrive.


A dog for a mayor By Rocio P.

I might sound crazy but did you know that in California a dog is a mayor? Seriously a mayor. In Idyllwild, California there is a very peculiar mayor that only wears a tie and a hat. No underwear, no shirt, just a hat and a tie. Well why he only wears a tie and a hat is because he is a dog. Yes, a dog!!! This is no easy job especially for a dog. He goes out every day no matter what, directs fundraisers, and gives talks at schools. He also goes to conferences and on big long trips to meet other mayors and kings and presidents.Does he have security guards??? Yes. His security guards are his two doggy cousins. They lived in Ohio and when they discovered they were technically doggy royalty they decided to get royalty jobs. Now you know all about Mayor Maximus Mighty-Dog Muller The Second and his life.

Un Perro De Alcalde Por Rocío P.

Puede sonar loco, pero ¿sabías que en California un perro es alcalde? En serio un alcalde. En Idyllwild, California, hay un alcalde muy peculiar que solo lleva corbata y sombrero. Sin ropa interior, sin camisa, solo un sombrero y una corbata. Bueno, por qué solo usa corbata y sombrero es porque es un perro. Sí un perro !!! Comenzó cuando tenía 11 meses. Después de todo, él es un perro. Se llama Alcalde Maximus Mighty-Dog Muller The Second. Después de todo, él es el mejor perro de la ciudad. Su tío perrito había sido alcalde antes que él y después de su fallecimiento, el Sr. Max / el alcalde del perro se hizo cargo de su tío y ha sido alcalde desde entonces. Este no es un trabajo fácil, especialmente para un perro. Sale todos los días, pase lo que pase, dirige recaudaciones de fondos y da charlas en las escuelas. También va a conferencias y en grandes viajes largos para conocer a otros alcaldes, reyes y presidentes. ¿Tiene guardias de seguridad? Sí. Sus guardias de seguridad son sus dos primos perritos. Vivían en Ohio y cuando descubrieron que técnicamente eran realeza perruna, decidieron obtener trabajos de realeza. Ahora sabes que hay un perro de alcalde que se llama Maximus Mighty-Dog Muller The Second y como vive.

Un vivero por Isaiah A.

Un vivero es algo que se puede construir. Un vivero es para diferentes tipos de plantas.Necesita aire, agua y unas plantas. Las plantas ayudan a la tierra porque hacen microorganismos que alimentan las plantas. Hay diferentes microorganismos como hongos. Cuando alimentan a sus plantas alimentan los microorganismos.

Locust Plague

We are going to start off by explaining what locusts are.Locusts are in Africa. There are about 40 million, and Africans are scared that they are going to eat their food and leave them without food. What locusts do is that they damage crops and eat everything in their path. What do locusts do to crops? When people plant crops, locusts can cause major agricultural damage.I n other words adult locusts drink xylem from the tree roots and branches. However, as small locusts they must rely on grasses and possibly other small plants. What do locusts look like? They are brownish and yellowish in color and have brown spotted forewings.Their back wings have a narrow yellow border. They are usually 1-3/ 8 to 1-3/ 4 inches long.

Dogs Sniff out Cancer? by Juliet B.

Can dogs sniff out cancer? The answer is yes. It may surprise you but dogs can sniff out cancer. Cancer has a distinct smell that dogs can smell. Dogs can detect this smell in your breath and your urine. Can untrained dogs sniff out cancer too? The answer is yes. The dog's nose is still the same as an untrained dog or a trained dog, the difference is that untrained dogs don’t know how to identify this smell. So don’t trust your dog at home to identify cancer unless they’re trained to do it. It’s not just cancer that dogs can detect, if you were sick the smell of your body would change even if it were just a little and your dog would smell the change too. But all the same, you have better chances with a trained dog. If you are worried about yourself or a loved one, then send your dog to a special camp for training. Dogs aren’t just man and woman’s best friends. Just remember, dogs are amazing animals and should be forever loved and cherished.

Right photo: Dog sniffing urine.

El Reno Oklahoma by Angel C.

upper left: Tornado, lower left: the top of a tornado, right: the tornado starts out thin and adds width

The thing about tornadoes is they can go from 110 miles per hour to 800 miles per hour. That can take all the big things that are in their pathway. They can launch everything far away like 2.6 miles away. The bad thing about tornadoes is you can get brought up by the tornado and it launches you far and you die. Tornadoes can be in Colorado Springs and Denver. In Denver there were 16 tornadoes in 1950 in May, June and July. But the world's Biggest tornado was EL RENO; it was in Oklahoma on May, 31 2013. It killed at least 9 people and 29 were injured. It was one of the rarest tornadoes on earth. This tornado can happen again in Oklahoma or another place. There was a man and his group and they were inside of it and they couldn't see and crashed into a semi truck but the tornado passed them. Inside El Reno was on F5 the most deadly part of a tornado that can kill at least 100 people. In the image above on the lower left, in the middle of the cloud is a super-cell that makes the tornado touch the ground, the top is where it makes the super-cell spin but the super-cell spins the other way then the tornado spins the other way. The tornado starts skinny then fat as seen in the above image on the right. The number 5 stands for F5. That is a tornado wedge, the most powerful part of tornadoes . Take shelter in a bunker, if you can. The size of the tornado is 120 km and the height is 20 km up. If you take a look at the picture above on the bottom left, you can see the clouds in the middle . Under the super-ell is a tornado that is an F5. Click here to watch how big it is; it's cool. The only way that you can survive is to leave your house and move somewhere else where there's no tornadoes so you can be safe.

Gaming by Jack H.

Top : ps4; Bottom left: Xbox 4; Bottom Right: Xbox2

The ps5 is a new gaming console that will be very cool. It will have a smaller controller but still all the same buttons. The release date will be November 20, 2020 and the price will be $499.99. It will have a similar design to the ps4. Here are some images. They have changed a lot since 2013 when the ps4 came out. The ps5 controller will have a microphone in the controller for people who don't have a headset. The ps5 controller is a similar model to the xbox one controller but it will be rechargeable and has the same design as the ps4 controller. The Xbox and ps4 have been in battle for a long time and they both have come out with a new console. The Xbox two will be released on November 15, 2020 and the price is still unknown. That is the Xbox 2 the controller is a touch screen and we still don't know much about the Xbox two. Overall I think that the ps5 is better than the Xbox two. For reasons like the design is cooler, the controller doesn't need a headset, and the buttons are not on a touchscreen.

Australia Wildfires Update by Hailey S.

Koala and Kangaroo

Changes: The Australian wildfires have changed drastically in the last couple of months. New South Wales is now fire free! The rain there in Australia has either helped put out the wildfires or put out the fires.

Animals: Many of the fires have harmed animals, especially koalas. Many koalas have been injured and need to be put back to health. Kangaroos have also had not as much luck with the fires. Bunnies are also in trouble and have a huge loss of food. The animals have been taken out of the fires by firefighters and given to vets. The vets feed all the animals from baby bottles on the way to the animal hospital. At the hospital all the animals get nourished back to health.

Eat Healthy by Samantha C.

Most fruits have lots of vitamin C and antioxidants to help boost your immune system, that will help fight illnesses.

Doctors say we need to stay healthy. One way is by eating nutritious food. Not the “healthy” food at McDonalds. The greasy burger can lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other health problems. If you eat this every day then you probably will get sick sooner than other people. Not convinced? Your immune system will not be strong to fight off the virus. Healthy foods: Most fruits have lots of vitamin C and antioxidants to help boost your immune system, that will help fight illnesses.Veggies have lots of vitamins and minerals to give our bodies energy. It's better when it's organic, that means they did not spray chemicals or bad stuff on the veggies or fruit. Water vs. Soda: Now we all probably know Coca Cola, but did you know this drink has 44 grams of sugar and that is in just 1 can. Sprite also has 44 grams of sugar along with Pepsi which has 41 grams of sugar. Water on the other hand has no sugar. Sugar can raise blood sugar and that can lead to a heart disease. If you drink or eat too much sugar then you will weaken your immune system. In conclusion we need to focus on fruits, veggies and water to stay healthy!!!!!!!

How People Make Movies With Green Screen!!! By, Brittany G.

What is Green Screen? If you didn't know what green screen is it is what sometimes movies, films and a lot more screen things use. It is a bright green background. It has been utilized for many purposes in filmmaking like making characters and scenes appear to take place in far-off or perilous locations-when in fact the footage was shot on a soundstage on front of a green screen. Can you make a green screen yourself? Yes, you could make your own green screen. These are some of the things you can use: Smart phone, a cloth, some video editing software, and a few tips and tricks. Why do you use a green screen? Most people have seen a meteorologist use a green screen to report the weather. Meteorologist stand in front of the green screen and point out specific parts of the forecast. The green screen does more than provide clarity, it also allows them to personalize their broadcast and connect to their viewers.

A Beautiful Day by Ale A.

It was a beautiful day. My brother, our friends, and I decided to go to the river and to find rocks. My brother Justin found a rock that looked like a weasel's back. My friend Omar found a rock that was pink and I found two rocks and surprisingly one of them looked like a pizza and the other one looked like a pickle. We were ready to go home. While we were walking home I had a great idea. I said, ‘’How about we go home and draw on or paint our rocks?’’ “Yeah that sounds great,” my brother replied. So we went to Omar's house and asked his sister Rosa if we could use her sharpies to color our rocks. The first rock that I drew on was the one that looked like a pizza, so I drew the pepperoni and the peppers and I drew the compa edgar with the tlacuache haircut. It turned out good. I was going to draw the rock that looked like a pickle but I didn't want it to be a pickle. I wanted it to be a rock that had some drip. I decided that I didn't want to draw; I wanted to paint it. I asked Omar ‘’do you have paint?’’ “no” he said ‘’but I have white paint.’’ I had an idea: I asked Omar if he had food coloring. He said he had a lot of food coloring. I decided to mix the white paint and the food coloring so we could have paint of any color. I drew the rock and it came out really great. I named the pizza el CUH and I named the other rock DRIPPLE. After that we all went home and showed our parents, and then I played some Fortnite and went to sleep. zzzzzzzzz

For All You Little Kids by Emily M.

Barbies are an outstanding type of doll.

Hello all you little kids! These two pages are dedicated to YOU! If you rather read the Spanish version, then scroll down to the next article. Now, let's get right to the newspaper! BARBIES! It is 3-09-2020 and today is national Barbie day! The actual name “Barbie” came from the creator’s daughter's name, Barbara. With that said, Barbie's nickname is Barbie but her REAL name is Barbara! Do you know how old the Barbie is? The Barbie company is 75 years old! Can you believe that? Barbies are an outstanding type of doll. POKÉMONS! Do you know which Pokémon was first created? The first Pokémon created was called Rhydon. Pikachu got so powerful when he was struck by lightning in the first episode of Pokémons. Today Pikachu is 24 years old! The rarest Pokémon card you can get is the “Pikachu Illustrator” ; only 39 cards were produced in 1998.

Kindness by Kate A.

Don’t you know about the bad situation around the world? Since this is happening many people are losing their lives and it makes their families really sad, which means we should spread lots of kindness toward others so they can feel happy. Many people have died and their families can’t have a funeral because of Covid-19. How can you spread kindness? Maybe you can help out your family by washing the dishes, or setting the table. I have done lots of yard work for my grandparents these past two weeks. Another reason that people might not be in a good mood is because a lot of sports and activities have been cancelled due to Covid-19. Two of my sports are cancelled and all school sports for the spring have also been cancelled. I know many people in our school are sad that field day, the talent show, and the end of school party and graduation have been cancelled.

Las tortugas confunden el plástico con su comida

Microscopios y una tortuga

Para empezar las tortugas confunden el olor del plástico a su comida. Las tortugas confunden el plástico por un químico que tiene el plástico y como el plástico se queda en el agua todos los químicos se disuelven en el agua y causan un olor a comida. Unas 29,000 tortugas mueren cada año. Las tortugas viven en el océano. Las mayorías de veces les gusta nadar y estar en agua cálida y se encuentran en los mares tropicales. Las tortugas comen plástico porque les gusta como huele. Las tortugas no saben diferenciar el plástico con su comida y luego comen el plástico y muchas tortugas se mueren. Cada año llegan 8 y 12 millones de toneladas de plástico en un ritmo de 200 kilos por segundo. Según los expertos dicen que en el 2050 habrá más plástico que peces en el mar. Los desechos plásticos afectan a las tortugas marinas durante todo su ciclo de vida. Para ayudar las tortugas tenemos que evitar el plástico y hacer una diferencia especialmente evitar los microplásticos. Las tortugas también mueren porque cuando comen plástico grande se ahogan y mueren. Las tortugas viven aproximadamente más que 100 años. La edad más antigua registrada fue 250 años, en la India .

Parakeets By Diego P.

Do you know what parakeets are? Parakeets are small playful birds and are decent pets. They live 10 to 15 years and fill your ears with pretty songs. In the wild parakeets stay in groups and they always enjoy some company. In the wild Wild Parakeets are found in Australia normally in flocks of 3 to 31 birds. Parakeets stay together because they do not like being alone and it helps them to migrate. In the wild parakeets normally feed on fruit, grass, seeds, and berries. The average length of a parakeet is 11 inches and normally they have a mass of about 3.5 oz. Parakeets as Pets Parakeets are not as easy to take care of as you might think. You need to feed them every day (This includes water) and you have to clean their cage every week. This is because parakeets like to be clean and that is why you might see them cleaning their feathers. Also, if you want them to be happy you should hang kale or something like that in your cage so they are happy. Don’t worry about sleeping, you put a blanket on top of your parakeet’s cage and they won’t bother you until you take it off. Conclusion In conclusion, parakeets might be the right pets for you and they make you happy so if you like them you can find them at almost any pet store.

Playing Outside by Dillon A.

Since we are under quarantine, we should stay exercised by playing outside in our yards and not just be playing video games all day. You need exercise to stay healthy and I’m saying this because we do not know how long we are going to be stuck at home. Play some games with your siblings like play catch with a ball. If you have a trampoline go do that if you want. Sometimes my family has PE where my older brother is the teacher. So go ahead do whatever you want. Just play outside.

So, you Want a Cat? by Juliet B.

If you are looking to get a cat, there are some things that you should know about them first. You should do your research, read a few books and articles and look up your local shelters to see if they have cats. You should talk to your parents and ask a few questions, like “Do we have the space for a cat?”, or if you have another pet, “Will that pet accept a cat?” Stuff like that. If you want to learn more about cats, stick around. Cats aren’t fully domesticated like dogs are, and there are some reasons for that. To be fully domesticated an animal must have all of its food provided by people, but sometimes cats hunt on their own without their owner knowing. Another trait that is required is that the animal must stay sheltered or have their movements tracked by humans, but cats sometimes go out without their owners realizing it. Also the breeding has to be controlled by the owner but that isn’t always the case with cats. So cats are kind of domesticated. The reason that cats were so popular in early times is because they would be happy to take on the job of pest control. But nowadays it's all about the cute factor; cats are adorable and that’s why most people want cats these days. Either way cats found their biggest fans in Egypt. The Egyptians loved cats so much that they made some of their gods part cat and the pharaohs were often buried with cats. To take care of a cat isn't always easy. They come with a lot of work, like you need to feed them, clean the litter box and give them love whenever they desire it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to teach them how to use the litter box. Cats will just figure it out on their own, cats are smart like that. So if you’re looking to get a cat, good luck.

Soccer by Daury R.

Today we are going to talk about soccer. One of the strongest shooters is Hulk. Not the green one. There's another Hulk who plays soccer and he made a hole through the goal. The fastest player is Kylian Mbappe. You can't even see him, you can only see his shadow. The best trickster is Neymar. He is unstoppable on tricks. Nobody can beat him.Third, the best dribbler is Lionel Messi, one of the best soccer players. In my opinion, Lionel Messi is the best soccer player.

The Bubonic Plague by Oliver S. and Charlie S.

Spots here, spots there, spots everywhere. The black death also known as the bubonic plague was a great pandemic that changed the world in many ways. Ever wondered where the ring around the rosie came from? Well it was from diseases. “ring-around the rosie'' referred to a red circular rash common in some forms of plague. The posies would have represented the different flowers and herbs people carried to ward off disease. The “ashes'' or “a-tishoo” and falling down was supposed to mimic sneezing and eventually dying from the disease. Because of the black death we have many things. But first let me tell you about what it is exactly. The black death was an infectious disease that gave you black spots or bubos all over your body. It takes three forms: pneumonic, bubonic, and septicemic. Plague causes a painful, relatively quick death that often involves vomiting, bleeding, and gangrene of the skin. Fortunately, today's antibiotics can kill theYersinia pestis bacteria and save its victim upon early detection.


  1. The death rate of the plague was about 50%.
  2. The black death wiped out around 60% of Europe's population which went from about 80million to 60million people.
  3. It took 200 years for the European population to recover to normal.
  4. The plague went from rats to fleas to humans; leaving a path of destruction behind.
  5. The first outbreak lasted from 1347-1351.
  6. No one knows exactly how many people it killed, but estimates vary from 50-200 million people.
  7. The black death brought us the grim reaper.
  8. Quarantine started because of this disease.
  9. There was a case-fatality ratio of 30% to 60%.
  10. One third ⅓ of the world died from the disease.


But why the skeletal figure? Why the scythe? Why the robe? Well, skeletons are symbolic of death, representing the human body after it has died. The robe is thought to be a reminder of the robes that religious figures of the time wore when conducting funerary services. The scythe is an apt image taken from agricultural practices of the time: harvesters used scythes to reap or harvest crops that were ready to be plucked from the earth…and, well, that’s kind of what happens when humans die: they are plucked from this earth.


In 1348 Europe suffered the most. By the end of 1348, Germany, France, England, Italy, and the low countries had all felt the plague. Norway was infected in 1349, and Eastern European countries began to fall victim during the early 1350's. Russia felt the effects later in 1351 with a case-fatality ratio of 30% to 60%.


The Black Death was a devastating global epidemic of bubonic plague that struck Europe and Asia in the mid-1300s. The plague arrived in Europe in October 1347, when 12 ships from the Black Sea docked at the Sicilian port of Messina.


The most popular theory of how the plague ended is through the implementation of quarantines. The uninfected would typically remain in their homes and only leave when it was necessary, while those who could afford to do so would leave the more densely populated areas and live in greater isolation.


In conclusion, the back death was one of the worst viruses in the world. And the brave doctors saved us from painful death, and possibly the end of the world.


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