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Students in Laura Browers' Early Childhood group worked with the augmented reality app, ZooKazam, to see animals "come to life" before their eyes!


Learners in the The PACE (Parent, Adult, Child, and Education) Literacy Program at CFC dove into making Green Screen videos last week. In previous weeks, students were acquiring language skills of kitchen and seasonal vocabulary. To demonstrate their learning, they acted out the vocabulary words with a variety of backgrounds and props.

Using Greenscreens

EC 1st Grade

1st Grade students have been layering in Greenscreen to share about animal adaptations. First they wrote scripts about various habitats, adaptations, and needs they would have if visiting the area. Then they worked through digital citizenship lessons about searching and saving shared images, recorded their presentation, and finally layered all their digital elements in Greenscreen before posting for families in their Seesaw accounts.

RO Grade 3

This year 3rd grade teachers decided to put a twist on their Ancient Civilization Unit. This has been a unit that required a lot of paper being printed. Not only did they hope to print less, they also wanted to bring elements into the unit that aren’t possible without technology. The team decided to use Book Creator among a few other apps to incorporate the students notes, projects and activities. Way to go team!

JC Makerspace

Students at Jackson Elementary have been using the Makerspace to learn about the tools and resources available to them. One of the common questions that we received from students is, “What is a maker?” Watch our video to see students as “makers”.

EC Staff

Staff at Eagle Creek used Flipgrid to share some “I am so proud of...” moments from their 2017-18 school year. The videos were downloaded and compiled in Clips to create a reflective end-of-year video celebrating a few of their many accomplishments.

WJH Life Science

Life Science students were given Makerspace materials to create a neuron model. They connected their model to a Makey Makey which was used to run a Scratch program that labeled their model. Students were amazing collaborative problem solvers as they figured out which materials conduct electricity and how to keep separate their conductive materials so their model would label correctly. Finally, students took a picture of their model which they labeled in their Notability workbook and described the function of a neuron.

WJH Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice students participated in a BreakoutEDU to help introduce the court system. Each clue aligned with a learning target the students needed to master. Each group was given a learning target reflection to complete after they solved each clue. The goal was that every member of the group got a chance to debrief on how the clue could help them meet the learning target. Communication and collaboration were extremely important, since every group member was responsible for the learning.

What's New in Digital Learning?

Teachers, don't forget to check out AuthenTech! About twice a month we share updates, ideas, and tips for Seesaw, Canvas, and other apps/web tools. We highlight new and updated apps/web tools, curate examples of innovative instruction, and provide insight on digital tools that are trending around the world. Stay in touch!

We can't wait to see what's next, Shakopee Schools! Show us your creativity!

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