Estuaries By: Annabella Simpson ,Kaitlyn Lisafeld

What are estuaries?

Estuaries are salt water and fresh water ways combined.

What is the San Francisco Bay?

Location: California North America Area: 400 to 1600 miles facts : 400% of California's fresh water goes to the San Francisco Bay.It is 14 feet deep.San Francisco Bay is a shallow estuary.

What animals live in the san francisco bay?

Some animals are Great white sharks, Dolphins, Sea lions, Turtles, Sea otter, Birds, Bat ray and more.

Sea Otter
bat ray

What is the Amazon Estuary?

The Amazon Estuary's Location:Northern Brazil Area:Approximately 7,800 square miles Facts:This tropical estuary releases about 46 million gallons of fresh water per second in the Atlantic ocean.The Amazon's type of estuary is a salt marsh.

Amazon Estuary

what animals live in the amazon estuary?

Some animals are Black tailed Godwit, Amazonian manatee, otters, Pirarucu fish , Giant turtles, Sea trout, Flounders, Eels, Bull sharks and River sharks.

Black Tailed Godwit

What animals can live In ESTUARY'S?

The animals that live in estuary's are Shell fish, Migratory bird ,Mud crabs,Oyster reefs, Dolphins, Harbor Seals, Heron crocodile, Salmon turtles , Bull sharks, River sharks, Blue crabs, Coral reefs, Turtles, Rays and many more.

what types of ESTUARY'S are there?

Drowned river valley, Lagoon estuary, Fjord estuary, Tectonic estuary, Mangrove swamps, Salt marshes and Barrier beaches.


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