START WITH ABC Found Health, Wealth and Time in a Grocery Bag!

Are you ready for the "what ifs" on your life path? Ready for Play #2, 3, 4, 5 in your game plan? Plan B, C, D, E?

Did you realize that you can easily build up your emergency reserves with how you meal plan your meal prep? This is the start of saving money with how you use your groceries!

This is also how you can allow for the protection you need in life insurance, critical illness insurance and disability insurance; as well as building and growing your savings - covering the occurance of "what ifs"!

Your WILL fits in here, as well – to protect the aforementioned - all provided by Plan A!

Plan A ensures that your retirement savings plan will still be able to do the job it is designed for - your life in the future! If you need Plan B, C, D, E or Play #2, 3, 4, 5 - you will be SO ready for it!

Your health will be the very happy receiver of the benefits of making meal planning part of your Plan A!

When you plan, you can control what foods are eaten and in what portions. This saves money, as you are paying only for healthy foods and you are not eating too much, which also then benefits your health! A nice cycle that continues to benefit you for life!

For more guidelines on how you can protect your Plan A, you can order your copy of my book at this Amazon link:

The book is available globally, paperback ($16.77 right now!) and e-book ($4.03), so be sure to find the country you need – here is the Amazon link for Canada:

Did you notice that the cost of the paperback is like the cost of a pizza! The e-book is less than the cost of a Pumpkin Spice Latte!

For the exchange of one pizza or one PSL this month, you can make a difference for your whole life – what a great investment that is!


Sheryl Rothert

Author: Found Health, Wealth and Time in a Grocery Bag

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