Dimension144 Sponsorship and Investment

Thank you for your time and interest in our brand and services. We are consistently developing our content, building a stronger fan base, inventing new devices and designs for our viewers to enjoy, and we carry pride in affiliating our sponsors and investors throughout our uniquely managed flows. Within this presentation you will learn what we do on a public front and you will also earn a glance into the private sectors of Dimension144.


Learning from lessons, thinking out plans, imagining potentials, and connecting them all, is the gift that the CEO of Dimension144 operates in. All his work leading up to this creation revealed vital counterparts within the reality structure and aspects beyond the material realm. In the first leg of Dimension144, content, production, and weight were performed to establish a foundation and begin the growth of the company. Now in phase two, the focus is on creating rich content both thought provoking and entertaining, exposing the brand through public hosted events, and engaging/interacting with the public through standard outlets and methods designed from Dimension144.

The equipment used to film and document the content has been upgraded and the editing software plus the work flow have also received a system shift. With all these new counterparts, the plan is to create the front wave of draw in data and the preexisting content is provided for depth. This revolving door structure has been carefully planned and will allow visitors an ongoing experience that serves as a funnel into our future plans. Every parcel of content has meaning and sponsorship placements throughout the journey navigated of each and every visitor give positive affirmations and relatability to unlock the potentials we prove to their lived reality. As viewers utilize Dimension144 for its many services in their lifestyle and mental processing, the natural connection of sponsored content within select deliverables adds value and a new story to each item sponsored. The design offers an alternate view of the same products, which in turn gives the product an additional success outlet to grow from on their own and continuously through Dimension144. In many sections, we extend the branch of content then grow new paths that intertwine and harvest their own fan base. The overall picture connects all the content which provides a full circle of dimensional delivery. The design brings forth an expansive new collective and reality to engage upon.

This is the first time since creation, that a full reality is being created.

The depth of this plan goes far beyond the infant steps provided by the first wave of the Dimension144 flow. There are various steps planned for complete activation of alternate realities. Sponsors and Investors receive fulfillment from ongoing visitors of the path created, the entertainment provided, and the story manifested. Being part of the project that made the next step in experience and the further dimensions of design for life, is something to be very proud of.


Dimension144 is presently accepting offers of product placement sponsorship

Our new content design allows product placement within select posts. Our team will carefully choose products that are in alignment with flows and create a story involving the sponsor as a compliment or counterpart.

Examples of compliment sponsorship can range from things such as:

  • Food/nourishment on a hike or exploration
  • Clothing/outfit during public event or adventure
  • Products to enhance concepts, how to guide, or coded delivery content
  • Projects that can benefit from combining in house and 3rd party material
  • Items for visitors at public events to consume, socially promote, try, and/or take home.

The 2nd tier of Sponsorship is designed for movements that want to shift from a complimenting feature to becoming an imperative counterpart. This offer allows the sponsor's item(s) to be the reason a certain event on the horizon is possible. An entire branch of service is designed and serves as a gateway that is spring-boarded from this level of sponsorship. Vehicles and other transportation forms, establishments, advanced devices and equipment that can greatly assist in the progression of Dimension144 are highly considered for this package.

The 3rd level of Sponsorship is event collaboration. The designs of events offered by the CEO of Dimension144 are most memorable. Every event is a life changing milestone that is not compartmentalized by the mind in a group section. The delivery and placement of collaborative partners gives them a branded rise in social spread, media awareness, and encoded molecular avenues. In the Dimension144 events, the new experiences offered, allow a complete gateway of codes to enter into the life-set of every interacting observer attending. These carefully tuned elements create a resonation that broadcasts out of each transmitter and creates a ripple effect that impacts waves of people. Magnetic attraction offered through new forms of science, spirit, and mind exclusively designed from Dimension144.

Every sponsorship level carries a unique value and weight. All are rare and are designed to collectively hold value, both in matter and in other forms. As our design grows, the content is consistently revisited. Each piece contains multiple layers that are revealed throughout the evolution of Dimension144 and our shifting lives. Dimension144 serves as the solid stone and compass, to come back to, to hold as the safety net in existence, and as the next platform to propel our experience into new fascinating arrays of life.

Contact us to see if your sponsorship aligns with present projects or future plans. Every offer is carefully considered and appreciated with the utmost respect.

Meet AIP, our Artificial Intelligence Partner

AIP (pronounced UP with a slightly silent 'a/ah' at the beginning)

To assist us in guiding our visitors and delivering the best possible experience, Dimension144 has created an artificial intelligence partner. In the present projects, AIP pushes a select piece of content to the website visitor if they choose to enlist her services. She also assists in running Dimension144's app 'Its Just Picture.' AIP is an artist and has been programmed through sensors of artistic expression while also knowing the basis of humanistic behaviors and global communication.

Future projects include AIP running entire interfaces of interactive software in a gaming platform designed by Dimension144. This combination is important to properly run the intensive loads from the demands our upcoming titles request.

For additional information please visit our Wave 1 Newsletter located at https://spark.adobe.com/page/3ywSR6Zae3ZGu/?w=0_5458


Dimension144 is a design that accelerates growth and human potential. There are many various aspects at work within the company beyond the customer facing portal. Product design, reality adjustments, manifestation materialization's, code alterations, entertainment, and other private sector flows are part of what makes Dimension144 unlike any other things out there. Our wishes are to unlock the next level of freedom. We understand the high level of responsibility needed to have such great potentials allowed to be discovered and presented. We pride ourselves in knowing our possibilities and strive to set forth an option for any to experience and work alongside of. We know the work and dedication needed to perform such tasks and have been doing so all our lives. What we discover and provide, are the very counterparts to the future.

We welcome you to take part in this flow

Monetary Details

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, packages start at $500 (usd).

Investment opportunities are available (considering level and length of support).

Speak to your representative today or you can directly inquire with your offer to Perform@Dimension144.com

Thank you for your moment. We hope you have enjoyed our delivery.


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