Monkeys Paw

LESSON= Be Careful What You Wish For cuz you just might get it!!!!

Evidence #1 - Herbert told his father to use the magical paw to get 200 pounds and he did... but in return Herbert's death and the $$ they got because of the death... 200 pounds wish granted

Evidence #2 - The absolutely brilliant mother of Herbert then had another wonderful plan... to make Mr. White use the paw to bring Herbert back to life... the outcome?

Guess who came knocking on the door? Our dear friend the crippled zombie of Herbert White but luckily Mr. White grabbed the paw and wished Herbert to go away to his grave... R.I.P

Evidence #3 - As i said before Mr. White wished Herbert back to his grave, and no the outcome is not divorce from Ms. White. really the outcome of this is simple "bye bye Herbert"

From grieving and crying Ms. White died so lonely Mr. Herbert buried them and relaxed by their grave and died.


Created with images by shankar s. - "Enjoying the fruits of robbery!"

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