It's normal, they said. "The struggles of being at your minds mercY" ( Warning- may be triggering). My real expericaNce.

Hello person that is reading his. You are reading this for probably one of two reasons , you were just browsing the internet and came across this by mistake or you one of the unlucky ones who can relate to these sort of things and want to hear another's story. I'm not going to sugarcoat anything I am just going to tell you how it really is. ( I talk about my parents in this and I would just like to say that they are the best parents ever I don't know what I would to with out them.)

First of all , I may as well tell you a little about myself. My name is Megan, I am currently fifteen years old and I live in England. I don't have many friends,I only have two, let's call them "dan"and "jack" (not their real names). They have been my best friends for about two years, we met though school. I have an older brother (28) and an older sister (32). On my dads side I have my nan, grandad,uncle, aunt and five cousins even though I only know three of them (Dan,Matt and jade) .on my mums side I have my nan, grandad, brother and sister. I also have some family in Candida that we go to see on holiday.

Keep reading if you want to hear the start of what happened.

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