Louisiana The Pelican state

Louisiana has lots of interesting facts and cool places to discover like, Louisiana has about 30,000 farms. Sugar canes, rice, soybeans, corn, sweet potatoes, peaches, strawberries and melon are some of the crops on the farms.

These are some Pelicans.

Louisiana isn't called the Pelican State for nothing! The Eastern Brown Pelican, Louisiana's state bird roams along the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico. They also nest in the mangrove swamps.

Here are some pictures of a mangrove swamp.

The pelican is also on Louisiana's state flag. (Bottom)

On November 22, 2010, a new version of the flag was made.

Fun facts: New Orleans


This is New Orleans, Louisiana's Largest city. New Orleans had a population of 1,167,764 in 2010. It was 49th largest population in the USA. In New Orleans, they build levees to keep the Mississippi river from overflowing into the city and making damage. Also, in Louisiana when some Creole families didn't have enough ice, they would break glass, sew it into bags, and put water in it.

New Orleans is partly in Mississippi, But it is mostly in Louisiana

The Louisiana Purchase

The Louisiana purchase happened in 1803 and was a land deal between the United States and the French. The Us offered about 15,000,000 dollars for 828,000 square miles of land. The Louisiana territory included land from 15 U.S. states. They are Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, part of Minnesota, west of the Mississippi River; a large portion of North Dakota; a large portion of South Dakota; the northeastern section of New Mexico and the northern portion of Texas; the area of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado, Louisiana west of the Mississippi River (plus New Orleans); and small portions of land within the present Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

France controlled the Louisiana territory from 1699 until it was ceded to Spain in 1762. Napoleon tried to take back the land in 1800, then he owned the land again. Then, the Saint-Domingue, a french colony, prompted Napoleon to give the land to the USA. The USA wanted only the area of the New Orleans and the coastal lands around it, but quickly accepted the bargain.

A Crocodile in the swamp!

The Louisiana swamps!

Louisiana has a lot of swamps, or wetlands, around the swamp. The swamps are: Ecological Context, Atchafalaya River Swamp, Atchafalaya Marshes, Bayou Teche, Bayou Sauvage, Bogue Chitto, Timbalier Bay Mangroves, Sabine, White Lake Wetlands, Rockefeller, Upper Ouachita, and the Visiting Louisiana's Wetlands,

The bayous are disappearing. Louisiana has lost 1,900 square miles of bayou since around 1930. This area is the size of Delaware. Louisiana loses about a acre of land in 33 minutes. Carpenters are trying to build levees to stop the Gulf from taking the water, but the erosion continues.

Fun Fact: Louisiana has 40 to 45 percent of the wetlands in the USA.


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