Lacrosse Growth Throughout the Years In the United States By: Allison Ohnegian

How has lacrosse been a growing sport in America and how was it started?

This picture is demonstrating how lacrosse has been throughout the years and how it has been growing even though it doesn't go up to 2017.

Lacrosse was created in the 1400s and it was called stickball. But, now lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America. When lacrosse was played back then, it was used for beating up tribes when they were mad at each other and they would use it as a form of war. On a field, there would be up to 1,000 players and the game could go on for days.

This picture demonstrates how the tribes played back them with a bunch of people on the field at once and it could go on for days.

While the majority of participation remains at the youth level (15 and under), the high school and college numbers are growing at a fast rate. According to US Lacrosse, the exposure of our sport is also at an all-time high. While no statistics were shared, the above quote gives some insight into how much the media can be credited for the continued growth of the sport.

This is a picture of high schools playing lacrosse and I mentioned that high school is so big for lacrosse.

According to David Cross, A Commissioner of Major League Lacrosse said “It’s a virus in a good way. Once you pick up a stick, you’re with it for life.” This quote demonstrates that when you try lacrosse for the first time you can't let go of the stick and you will be obsessed with lacrosse right away and that is why lacrosse growth has gone up so fast.

This picture demonstrates lacrosse sticks that is used to play lacrosse and David Cross says that if you pick up a stick they you won't be able to put it down.

According to Dave Brandon, the University of Michigan Athletic Director said, “The more we dug into it, the more we believed that this is just a sport of the future. Lacrosse’s trend lines in every way we could measure were impressive and made us believe that this is a place where we could grow and be a part of something that would over time be very big.” This quote demonstrates that lacrosse has been trending lately in the Spring and Dave Brandon said that if more and more people join lacrosse then it will turn into being something that would turn over time to be very big.

This is David Brandon, the Univeristy of Michigan Athletic Directior and he said the quote about lacrosse above to back up my focus question.

Do you want to join lacrosse and make it the biggest sport in the world?

This picture relates to the closing because you can join lacrosse all around the world!


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