Lorenz Photography Portfolio

ARTIST STATEMENT: When I had my first camera, I started to love taking pictures, the way it focuses in a certain object is just so lovely details are so sharp it is so pleasing to the eye. This class taught me many things like how to use a Digital single-lens reflex camera, adjusting the lighting changing the aperture of the camera. This class taught me how to appreciate the little things around me.

One of my favorite pictures I edited in photoshop I just really like the way I edited this picture not a great job doing the shadow but I'm still proud of myself. F/4.0 ISO- 3200 Shutter speed- 1/320
Color/Texture project, I come up with this idea when we went outside with my group I saw a truck and I decided to take a picture of the tires at first it is a little blurry but in my second attempt it went well. F/14.0 Shutter speed- 1/80 ISO 4000
Unusual perspective, I took a picture of my friend in a different angle, I tried sitting in the ground and see if what it will look like in that angle, I really like this project because we get to see the world in a different angle. F/ 5.6 Shutter speed- 1/800 ISO 100.
This picture was special because they voted me as a third placer in this project in my class. I come up with that phrase because when I saw my edited picture I pictured it as a sad picture and I did not expect that they will like it. F/5.6 Shutter speed 1/13 ISO 6400
This is the last picture I edited in photoshop that's why it is pretty special for me. I will miss this class it taught me a lot of things. F/ 4.5 Shutter speed 1/250 ISO 6400

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