Emma Watson Emma Watson inspires many young people through teaching important lessons.

Petal 1 (Movie Collage)

Petal 2 (Audition Story)

It started when I was younger, seeing Harry Potter for then first time. And now, here I am, auditioning for Juilliard. I took a deep breath, then began my solo. I hadn't always wanted to be an actress. I thought it was weird, and geeky. A lot of people laughed at me, a little girl with dreams too big for her little life. But the first time I had been introduced through the magic of acting, seeing how you could just become a different person, it was transfixing. I studied a lot of different ways people acted, and of course, I had several favorites. Particularly the way I see Emma Watson. She taught me many valuable lessons, and they turned me into the right direction to love and be good at what I'm doing today. She taught lessons in persistence, and the value of hard work. When we were younger, we both auditioned for a role in Harry Potter. She had to audition 8 times for that single role, but that role is the one who made her famous. JK Rowling had wanted her from the beginning, which is a huge honor in my eyes. As I watched what she could do, both on screen and during the audition, I wanted to do it too. I might not have been able to snag that role, but I can get to more. Eventually, I took a different turn; discovered my musical voice. Now, I'm doing musical theatre, which combines both. I want to become that girl one day, the one who scouts are dying to have, the one who authors beg their directors to take on. You know, that girl with the huge voice who brings all of that emotion to the stage. Emma really inspired me, and she's the one who taught me it's okay if people think it's weird, because look at what you get to do. That magical feeling, the one I feel every time I step onto the stage, into the lights is something I hope never goes away.

Petal 3 (biography part 1)

Emma Watson, full name Emma Charlotte Duere Watson, was born in France on April 15, 1990. She's of British and Turkish descent, and can speak French. Her parents divorced when she was five, and she has half twin sisters and a half brother.

Since then, she has accomplished many things, including being the youngest person on Teen Vogue cover at 15. She is also in the Guinness book of World Records as the most grossing actress of the decade. She's had her fair share of roadblocks, having her parents divorced, and having to have multiple auditions for the role that spurted her to fame.

Petal 4 (Audition Poem)

Auditions for Harry Potter?

No way, that can't be true!

The book, that amazing story,

Which I've read the whole way through?


I run to tell my mom,

Who loves the book as much as me.

"You have to audition!" She squeals so loud.

"You've been acting since you were three!"


I enter the audition,

My nerves all out, strung tight.

All these kids, they looked so good,

How can I even put up a fight?


One little girl introduces herself,

With a great, big bright smile.

Her name is Emma Watson,

And she has an amazing sense of style.


We talk all through the audition,

She's the sweetest person I know.

The director calls her, now she's up,

I wish her luck as she goes.


Watching her up there,

I couldn't believe my eyes.

Look, she's completely different,

She's hard to recognize!


We may be the same age,

But I can't do that, I'm not as good.

But if I work, if I try,

Just maybe, maybe I could.


Months pass, and now they're years,

And still, I always act.

I'm getting better, I'm getting there,

Recovering the talent that I lack.


Emma Watson's made it big,

Making records, and tons of money.

But most of all, I see her there,

Being classy, smart and funny.

If she can do it, so can I!

Can I make it as big as her?

I realize I can't measure myself to people,

Because their talent is something I'd always prefer.


A little while in,

I want to try something new.

Singing, combined with the acting part,

Could that be something people would view?


I'm getting better at this,

I love it even more.

Now it's vocal, not just acting,

And it's better than before!


I applied for an audition to Juilliard,

The most famous arts school of all.

Will they accept me? Am I good enough?

Coming from a town with skill so small?


I think again about Emma,

And all that she's been through.

How good she is, how she can transform,

Into someone completely new.


I step up on the huge stage,

Nervous as can be.

How can I do this? What if I fail?

Will my Mom and Dad still be proud of me?


I take a deep breath, and start to sing,

And perform with all my heart.

They're smiling at me, enjoying it,

From the end to the start.


Now I'm here, on broadway,

Enjoying myself, making my name.

And now I know, talent alone's not enough.

You've gotta work at it to get to fame

Petal 5 (biography part 2)

Her role in Harry Potter was extremely successful. Although it took 8 auditions, it was worth it. JK Rowling wanted her from the beginning, and it paid off, as the highest movie grossed 974 million. During the movie, she always kept up with her schoolwork, and had five hours of tutoring, even while on set. After, she attended Brown University, an Ivy League School, majoring in English Literature.

After that Harry Potter stint, she's been growing and doing better than ever. Her acting career has blown up, starring in many movies, like Beauty and the Beast and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Her net worth is also 70 Million dollars, 10 Million more than Drake and 45 million more than Jennifer Lawrence. She's grown and prospered so much, I know she'll move on to greater and bigger things, even bigger then what she's doing now.

Petal 6 (Song Compliation Video)


Belle, Gaston, and Something There - Beauty and the Beast


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