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USAID's flagship Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) invites you to join us to recognize the incredible power of strong health systems to improve reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health (RMNCAH). Use the messages and graphics below or create your own using #careforHSS to share why and how health systems strengthening (HSS) elevates health.


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Do you want to help amplify stories that share why health systems strengthening matters? Follow @MCSPglobal and @USAIDGH and use hashtag #careforHSS. Also, share this toolkit using: http://bit.ly/careforHSS

We can’t achieve our goal to end #momandbaby deaths without addressing #healthsystem barriers. Learn more about how @MCSPglobal is helping to #careforHSS to prevent, detect and respond to disease, promote well-being, and save lives. Visit our legacy page: http://bit.ly/HSSLegacy

Strong #healthsystems are powerful! Join @USAIDGH's @MCSPglobal and share why health systems strengthening is critical to improve the health of #MomandBaby. #careforHSS http://bit.ly/careforHSS

Messages to Share

About HSS and Why it Matters

Strong #healthsystems are powerful! They prevent, detect, and respond to disease & ultimately promote well-being and save lives. #careforHSS #MomandBaby

#Healthsystems matter! - It's all the people, institutions, resources & activities whose primary purpose is to promote, restore, and/or maintain health. #careforHSS

Working with countries to build strong health systems helps ultimately improve & maintain resilience and security for the U.S. & around the world. #careforHSS #USAIDTransforms

Strong #healthsystems are necessary to introduce, scale ↑ and sustain high-impact #RMNCAH interventions. #careforHSS

Sustainable #healthsystems do not only care for people when sick, they make smart investments to keep people healthy in the future! #careforHSS

Moving HSS Forward

To improve #RMNCAH, we must review and improve policies, organizational structures & behaviors that drive #healthsystems performance. #careforHSS

A concerted effort to address #healthsystem issues is vital to reach many of the #GlobalGoals targets. #careforHSS #EWECisME

Partnerships are critical to improving #healthsystems. The challenges are so big we cannot address them in isolation! #careforHSS #EWECisME

Having a #healthsystems lens is critical to improving service-delivery. #MomandBaby need quality, essential services! #careforHSS

A big goal for all - sustainable health financing that is designed to help people access quality, effective health services without undue financial hardship #careforHSS

Work is needed to stop the health worker crisis! 83 countries are unable to meet the basic threshold of 23 skilled health professionals per 10K people. #careforHSS #HealthWorkersCount

Globally, there's a gap of 7.2M professional health workers and rising. Human capacity development in pre-service and in-service training, motivation, & performance management matters! #careforHSS

Millions of women and children could be saved, if they had access to simple, essential and affordable medicines, medical devices, & health supplies. #careforHSS #MomandBaby

Strong leadership and governance is the foundation of #healthsystems - effective oversight, & accountability can help countries be resilient and self-reliant! #careforHSS #USAIDTransforms

Strong health systems depend on reliable health data to inform decisions that improve performance. That's why it's critical to invest in #HSS. #careforHSS

Learn More

@USAIDGH's Vision for Health Systems Strengthening shares how to program more effectively, measure progress, & more. See it at: http://bit.ly/2hWhdHv #careforHSS #USAIDTransforms

The @USAIDGH's Acting on the Call report shows how #HSS can contribute to saving the lives of 5.6M children & 200K+ women in coming years. http://bit.ly/2s2wP2c #careforHSS #USAIDTransforms

Better designed health information systems, with improved data collection and technologies, are crucial for improving #healthsystems http://bit.ly/2b9Bex5 #careforHSS

@MCSPglobal's worked in 20 districts in #Guinea to improve the capacity of district-level managers. Read about the Comprehensive Approach: http://bit.ly/2ChNKCg #careforHSS #USAIDTransforms

Human capacity development (HCD) = critical to help maximize the performance of #healthworkers we have. See @MCSPglobal's HCD brief: http://bit.ly/2EnsJrI #careforHSS

What is "#healthsystem support" vs. "health system strengthening?" See article from @MCSPglobal sharing the difference: http://bit.ly/2iVu3aP #careforHSS

Identifying priorities for #momandbaby? A comprehensive assessment analyzing health system bottlenecks can help. See @MCSPglobal's Rapid Health Systems Assessment tool http://bit.ly/2G5EhA0 #careforHSS

Twitter Chat

@USAIDGH’s @MCSPglobal hosted a Twitter chat on the importance of #healthsystems strengthening. Check out the hashtag #CareforHSS to view the conversation.


@MCSPglobal hosted “Addressing Critical Health System Barriers to Improve #RMNCAH Services”. Watch the event here: http://bit.ly/AddressingHealthSystems #CareforHSS #MHDialogue

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"Strength" Graphic Art: Liz Eddy/MCSP

Photos: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP; Kate Holt/MCSP; Erica Chin/MCSP; Mubeen Siddiqui/MCSP

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USAID's Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP)

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