Digital Imaging LO1 Whitney Graham

Take Back The City


Take image in studio of Simpson’s superhero Lego figures.

Use focus stacking to ensure that both figures are in focus.

Take separate image of Lego coke can.

Take image of a wall with graffiti on it from pavement level.


1. Open background image of graffiti covered wall in Photoshop.

2. Add in layer of figures. Place them where it looks like they are standing on the pavement in front of the wall.

3. Create vector mask and erase the background around the figures.

4. Do the same with the coke can layer.

5. To create the shadow use the quick select tool and select the figures.

6. Press cmd + V to create new layer

7. Go to Image > Adjustments > Exposure. Lower the exposure right down to use this as the shadow.

8. Select cmd +T for free transform to move the shadow around to position it.

9. Repeat the same process for the shadow from the can.

10. Use colour look up to finish off image.

The Last of Us


Take image of Greenan Castle at sunset.

Take a selection of low-key portrait images.


1. Insert background layer.

2. Crop to the area that works best.

3. Insert first portrait image and position in right hand side.

4. Add vector mask and use brush tool to bush out background.

5. Lower the opacity on this mask until the background starts to shine through.

6. Add in second portrait and repeat this process.

7. Use colour look up and select Horror Blue.

Rear View Mirror


Take image of side mirror out of driver side window.

Select two images from smoke bomb photo-shoot at Eglinton Park so that they match up.


1. Select image of foliage to be used as the background and insert into photoshop.

2. Next step insert image of the model and place roughly where you think the mirror is going to be.

3. Select Color Lookup and select Fall Colours.

4. On the next layer place image of the mirror and crop so that this takes up the full image.

5. Use brush tool to erase the unwanted area so that the background comes through where the window would be.

6. Use brush tool again to erase inside the mirror to reveal the layer with the model. Then still using the brush erase any part of this layer that is outwith the mirror.

All The Small Things


Use image of old dirty Buckfast bottle.

Select two pictures taken at Kelvingrove Skate Park.


1. Open up Buckfast image for background

2. Add in skateboarder layer, resize and position it so it looks like he is skating down the neck of the bottle.

3. Cut out the background around the skateboarder.

4. Insert scooter image and repeat process.

5. To add in shadow quick select around the boy on the scooter.

6. Go to adjustments and change exposure until the cut out is totally black.

7. Flip cut out round.

8. Go to filter and select Gaussian Blur.

9. Lower the opacity of the shadow until you achieve the effect that you want.

10. Repeat process with second scooter image.

11. Go to Colour Look up and select Kodak 5205.

Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes


Use image of street art of man leaning against lamppost. Choose image of sky and clouds to use behind image of street out to show through behind.


1. Use image of clouds as background.

2. Add in new layer of street art and position over clouds.

3. Add vector mask to new layer.

4. Use brush tool to brush out the painting of the man.

5. Then do the same to the balloon.

6. Add in the final layer of the bottle.

7. Position the bottle so it looks as if it is sitting on the ground against the wall.

8. Brush away the background.

9. Select “Colour Lookup” as Fuji ETERNA to tie the image together.

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