Goldfish, Not Just A Pet by: guli mokady


Physical & structural characteristics: Have particularly large eyes, and acute senses of smell and hearing. The common goldfish has two sets of paired fins and three single fins. They also lack scales on the head.

Behavioral characteristics: In the wild, goldfish like to stay in groups. They also aren't particularly aggresive

goldfish in groups

Natural habitat - water which is a little thick and muddy. Also found in stagnant backwaters. Originally from China

Ecosystem it invades - ponds, lakes and streams

invading goldfish

Invading goldfish migrate to a new area by people who no longer want them and release them

Invasive impacts:

  • goldfish eat snails, small insects, fish eggs and young fish, making this species a competitor and predator of native species
  • stir up mud and other matter when they eat, which increases the cloudiness of the water and affects the growth of aquatic plants
  • have potential to produce large populations in some situations
  • carry diseases such as koi herpesvirus that can harm local fish

There are a lot of efforts to control invasive species. in one place they are thinking of...

  • electrofishing - stunning fish with electric pods, scooping them up and feeding them to birds
  • using rotenone, a plant-based chemical that kills all gill-breathing animals while leaving mammals, birds and reptiles unaffected
  • draining the lake

What you can do:

  • learn how to identify goldfish to prevent accidentally spreading it
  • don't release any live fish into Ontario lakes, rivers, or streams
  • inspect your boat and equipment after each use. Remove all plants and animals before moving into a new water body


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