Syrian Civil War The question we are asking

What was the background on why Syria’s war had started and what was the MAIN reason it started and how does the Syrian Civil War compare to the American Revolution?

The Incubation Stage

It doesn't matter how many good things are going in anywhere. It doesn't matter if the best thing happened to Syria. There were crimes going on all the time, everywhere. People never had time to focus on the good things that were happening because if they got too happy, their parade would be rained on. Human rights were basically gone and the people mainly just complained about that, lack of democracy, and how the Ba'ath party was full of corruption. People are getting mad. And the ruler didn't know about what madness can do and turn into. The unemployed youth in Syria was filled with rage and anger. The lack of jobs left them jobless. Did anyone hear their cries though? No. Some of it was no one actually hearing them and some of it was people ignoring them like they ignored all their other problems.

Hafel Al-Assad's ruled Syria from 1971 to his death on June 10 2000 and then his brother took over to rule. On June 10, 2000, Bashar Al-Asaad became president with no opposition party, and has been ruling since. People didn't like them ruling because they were the ones taking their rights away. The people wanted them to be gone. And it would make sense. The government had started to do actions that caused an uproar with the people. They started repressing protesters. They would repress groups that went against the government.

This picture is showing a protest in Syria. People are comparing Assad to Hitler and they want him out obviously.

The Symptomatic Stage

Bashar said that he would not become like his father but that was not proved and is still not proven. He made a law in Syria that would let the government control the usage of the internet. Under his laws, the few selected rich people that were close to Bashar only became richer while the middle class and lower classes became very poor. In 2011, protesting surfaced a lot. All because 15 teenagers were arrested and maybe even tortured for writing graffiti on the wall that was implying things about the resignation of Assad. Police had resorted to violence after they had arrested thousands of protesters. The protesters would not stop and there was nothing that the police could do so they resorted to violence because of no other resources. People were getting tear gas in their eyes and people were getting shot at. Later on, there were dead bodies lying everywhere. Family members had came out to mourn the lost and soldiers had shot at them. Assad tried to please the people to create some peace by dropping the State of Emergency that Syria had been under for decades but that didn't satisfy the people one bit. Neither side was ready to give up. War was just starting.

The Crisis Stage

On May in 2011, there were armed tanks entering the city of Deraa and opened fire on a mosque that had killed 6 people. This act had drew attention international and got the attention of the UN. The Free Syrian Army was formed in 2011 on July 29th. The FSA mainly contained of defected soldiers and civilians. Violence continued in major cities like Homs, Baniyas, Tafas, Talkalakh, and especially Hama, where major fighting was going on. Opening fire had kept happening day and night. In Hama, hundreds were left dead by snipers and security forces. The news had reached President Obama and he said it was horrifying. On August 18, 2011 an emergency meeting was conducted by members of the UN, demanding Asaad's resignation but he completely ignored this. Nothing mattered anymore because security forces and protesters still began to clash. Neither one of them wanted to make any truce. Russia and China supported Syria but for different reasons (And I find this pathetic). China only stood with Syria because China is one of Syria's biggest trading partners. Russia supported Syria because Russia is Syria's biggest arm suppliers and contracts between them have raised to 4 BILLION DOLLARS. On June 14, 2013, Obama authorizes sending weapons to Syria after the White house discovers the use of chemical weapons. This will help the FSA as before, a weapons embargo was placed on Syria, so the FSA had no means of fighting

The Recovery Stage

In August 2012, the US had made a promise to the Syrian people that if the government or police or military had used any chemical weapons on the people of Syria, then they would have severe consequences. Assad has thought to continue using chemical warfare twice but there was not enough proof so he did not. President Obama wanted to send military over to Syria because he thought that there needed to be kept an eye out for any chemical warfare but he wanted to get congress authorization. 76 percent of American public did not want to go to war with Syria so Obama had faced with a dilemma. Chemical weapons were agreed to be destroyed by Assad and Obama. Chemical weapons are being destroyed right now as we speak.

The war has not ended. It has calmed down, some may say, but there are many more things going on still. There are some protests and there is debris everywhere. People are living in horrible conditions and there are bodies that are still being found. Babies have died and people have be found under debris. There are walls that are built with broken down buses. Syrian people still have conflict with the government but there have been promises put in place by the US to keep things balanced. The war has not ended just yet.



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