Creating a Culture of Advocacy Rachel Bachtel teacher-librarian Hopewell Elementary School

Advocacy Strategies

In conjunction with teacher librarians in my district, we created a poster for all Pleasant Valley Elementary schools. The poster outlines the essential elements of research and what should take place in the library and classrooms when students are conducting research.

As a library team we connected our library skills and standards to the Iowa Core. Additionally, we mapped out the scaffolding of what the skills should look like at each grade level K-12. This document will be presented at the 2017-2018 beginning of the year professional development. Our hope is that this document will allow us to further integrate and connect the library into the standards being taught in the classroom.

To promote what is happening in the library and advocate the library I "tweet" about collaborations, lessons and activities happening in the library. I am followed by all of the teachers in the building, my principal. As well as several district administrators, parents and educators outside of my district. These tweets allow teachers to see possible ways I can collaborate with them.

Through twitter I can also provide teachers with additional information on resources and share collaboration ideas.

Literacy Connections

Author Skypes

Book tastings

Plays promoting books

Students promoting series to other students.

Character visits

Read Across America Activities

Digital Citizenship Connections

Students evaluating websites to see if they are reliable resources.

Students learning how to responsibility download images from databases and cite their sources.

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Rachel Bachtel


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