Avalanche on Everest April 25 2015

Because of the disaster on Mt Everest in 1996 and the recent earthquake in Nepal, Jon Krakauer and avalanche survivors learn that it is always dangerous to underestimate the unknown.

Into Thin Air is a thrilling first person account of the storm that hit 28,000 feet up on Everest.

Jon and his survived teammates learn that it is always dangerous to underestimate the unknown when they proceed to climb after the agreed upon turn around time during a storm. A similar arrogance caused death when on April 25 2015 an avalanche struck Everest and few were prepared.

“...nobody should be up there, it’s too unstable, For two years in a row there have been massive tragedies, unprecedented tragedies on the mountain. The idea that we would just go back seemed disrespectful”-Luanne Freer.
“It felt like the whole tent was being shaken by a giant, I saw a massive wall of snow coming at me I didn't know if I would live or die. But I was spared," "Think twice or three times before doing it. Some things are not worth the risk and financial burden." -Joe Ratifs
“I never faced such a disaster or badly injured people before. Some died in my hands as I was trying to keep them alive with assistance and recommendations of (a) doctor.”- Gabriel Filippi

Watch 1:00-1:30 for the news caster's perspective on the avalanche.


In the story Into Thin Air and during the avalanche, Climbers learn the importance of never underestimating the unknown when they were unprepared and when they continued to climb at night in a storm.

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