Case study Leon Group

• Why does Mercator’s international HRM strategy emphasise local integration in their subsidiaries?

1.Be related to the company’s characteristics(retail chains)

2.Be based on local people’s lifestyle or eating habits(local)

• What was the philosophy toward international recruitment and selection in the early phases of internationalisation? What is their philosophy today?


1.the scale of expanding is quite small because of many possibilities in recruitment.

2.Always choose from own company rather than local people (target market)


1.employing more and more local staff

2.The employment standards are more strict

What are possible advantages and disadvantages of adopting a geocentric approach toward international recruitment and selection in Mercator? Which approach would you recommend? Provide arguments to support your opinion.


1. Management(Unified and orderly management standards)

2. Sharing all the experience and knowledge

3. Balanced and rapid development(core target)


1. Cost (training and managing)

2. The training difficulty with so many staff

3. The working pressure of core department such as HR

Personal view:


It is necessary to consider about the Cost. In addition, all the parts are divided to be managed is also a good choice for the company because of the efficiency we need to focus.


1. Do you know about the local market and the target market?

2.Do you have the language problems? 3. Do you have the support from your family?

4. What are your requirements about the accommodation and the working environment?

How to employ:

1. Make sure the number of people we need and the jobs we need

2. Preliminary screening

3. Face-to-face communication with those chosen people(attitude, knowledge, personality, ability)

4. Choosing those we need and providing training before working

Extra reading:

1. Which categories of international employees are discussed in the article?

management, young staff and technical staff

2. Why are traditional profiles of expatriates (e.g., male and Western) being continuously more replaced by other more diverse profiles of individuals?

More and more young people choose to go abroad for further education or job chances

3. What are the challenges of handing over the responsibilities from international to local employees?

a.Training problems(cost, understanding)

b.It means giving power(potential risk)

4.Is the opportunity to work abroad always an advantage? Illustrate your arguments with examples from the article.

It won’t be the advantage for all the time. From the article, the company hoped them to gain more experience and knowledge. However, under the same conditions, these people may have a better mood and devotion when working in their own country.

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