Unanswered Questions Do you have any unanswered questions?

Unanswered Questions:

There are so many questions and so many answers out there. Thinking and pondering about things is exciting. We are going to ponder some interesting questions and then you will uncover some of your unanswered questions. Watch each video and write a brief summary and response answering the question.

1. Why do we hiccup?

2. Why is Mt. Everest so Tall?

3. How does germs spread?

4. How likely is there Aliens out there in the Universe?

5. What is invisible?

After you watch the Videos

After you watch the videos. Make a list of questions you are curious about. They can be on topics ranging from science, history, biology, astronomy, food, locations, kids, etc. After you have received approval for your question you will be researching the question and creating a video tutorial explain your unanswered question.

1. Come up with a thoughtful question

Unanswered questions should not be "yes" or "no" answered but instead require some explanation about it. In addition, your unanswered questions must be answerable for this project. Examples of Questions that you cannot answer: Will I become a millionaire? Do Zombies exist? Why are some people mean?

Also your unanswered questions must be academic. For example: A non-academic question is "Is Spongebob real?" First, no he is not a real, live talking sponge under the sea and this question is just being silly.

2. Research the Answer to your unanswered Question

Find evidence online or at the library to answer your question. Take detailed notes about what you find. Make sure you cite your sources where you find information.

3. Create a script for your video

Write a script on a lined piece of paper or on your Chromebook and also plan what images/ illustrations or props you will need to make your video.

4. Record your Video


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