The Awesome Game Of Football By: Timothy Paculavich

Grab your pads, your training equipment, and 2 teams of at least 11 players because it’s time to play football!!!!!

Don’t Get Hurt

Don’t expect me to teach you how to play flag or 2 hand touch because your playing tackle whether you like it or not. Grab your shoulder pads. Shoulder pads are big pads for your shoulders. Your rib pads. Rib pads are pads big enough pads to cover your ribs. Your special football pants. The pants are special pants that hold pads. Your cleats. Cleats are special shoes that have nubs on the bottom to help you run faster.The job of the shoulder pads is to protect the bones in and around your shoulders.The job of the rib pads are to protect your ribs. The job of the football pants is to protect your thighs and knees.That is what you need for football pads.


Throw the flag for the penalty!!! There are a lot of rules in football that you must obey. There are at least 17 illegal formations. Another rule is if you have more than 11 players on the field it will give the other a first down. A first down is a possession. Holding gives you a 5 yard penalty. The same thing goes with offside. Offside is when someone on your team moves before the ball was snapped.Pass interference is exactly what it sounds like which is a 10 yard penalty. There is also a hole lot of personal fouls. That’s about all you need to know about the rules.

You Need a Team

You can’t play with yourself. You need a team of not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 but at least 11 people on your team. A team is a bunch of people doing something together. Just don’t go crazy with the number of people on your team.

Super Bowl Field


You want some points don’t you. Touchdowns equal 6 points.A touchdown is when you get into the other team endzone. You have the extra point which is 1 point. An extra point is when your kicker gets the football in the net. In addition there is a 2 point conversions. A 2 point conversions is when you get in the end zone after a touchdown. There is a field goal which is 3 points. There is a similar way to get 2 points. It's called a safety. I hope you win.

Now you know how to play football. Go get a victory for me.



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