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Make a change

James Drew delivers EP in Fall 2016 that shakes up his following. With hard hitting trap-style beats, creative melodies, and inspirational bars, the hope is to be able to tap into your inner light and spark a revolution within yourself.

"Earn It" Video Available Now!

Directed by DJ Obsidian

Shot entirely on two iPhone 7's, James Drew and DJ Obsidian (of Black Glass Radio) team up for the official Earn It video. This is the first video doe James Drew, it's available on YouTube and Apple Music Connect

Goin' Phoenix ep 1

Shot & Edited by AbbeyCap visuals & DJ Obsidian

Goin Phoenix is a behind the scenes (BTS) mini-documentary series put together by myself and DJ Obsidian. This series will only be available once or twice per project, and the main goal of the Documentary is to give you a peek into the creation process while also giving you the mindframe for where I am in my campaign. If you couldn't tell already, I'm constantly looking for ways to change and grow. Isn't that really the point of life?Throughout my journey, I am dedicated to obtaining new knowledge and information then finding the proper medium to share that information with all of you.

This series is available on YouTube (above) and Apple Music Connect (Below)

James Drew

Born and Raised in northeast Ohio, I grew up with two loving parents, Darryl and Pat, plus the best brother you could ask for Chris. Growing up, I went to Private Preschool (insider lol) and stayed in private education all the way up to high school graduation. So let's just say, I'm not no average Joe. Since I could remember, I've been into music. Whether that was watching PBS specials featuring Yanni, singing in school plays, or participating in band, I always had some form of music present in my life. Throughout my childhood, I attended a Non-denominational church that really laid the framework for what would become my inspirational journey. I have my parents to thank for my leadership ability, but having God in my life as a young kid, I was able to see the potential of the Light and how it can make REAL change.

I know who I am

I've battled with mainstream media and its effects on the brain for QUITE some time. To move to LA or NY or not to move.... Lol.... I've teeter tottered with notion of fame and the "American Dream" long enough to realize where I fit (or don't) and that's right here at home. I still live in Northeast Ohio. And at the time of writing this, I don't know if I'll be going anywhere any time soon. I've found that circumstances are just that... circumstances. My perception of MY situation and how I react to that perception is the only thing I can control.

My way or the highway?

On the topic of perception, I just want to point out the heavy BIAS American media holds. There's only one perception, one demographic, one mindset, one aesthetic that Hollywood leans towards. And trust me, if you're anything like me, THAT AIN'T you. So I try to keep everything as RAW as possible. I ain't flashing nothing because all the money I make go into the tools I use to bring you great content.

Just love yourself

In the end, my hope for you reading this is that I can inspire you to go ALL IN on yourself. So many of us bet our entire lives on the "safe" route; the things people, media, and society tell us we're SUPPOSED to do. I'm here to say FUCK THAT. The SAFEST route you can take, is the one that leads you to happiness.

That's all folks

Hope you enjoyed this. This has been fun. I am James Drew, This is interior Design. Share this with your friends!


@kayamourlibre 📷

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