See Hear Respond What we did...

This Childrens Mental Health Week, Newground Together is proud to be a delivery partner for See Hear Respond managed by Barnardos and funded by The Department of Education.

We have now completed Phase 1 of the project and we are delighted to share our achievements.

The £90,000 funded project ran from August to December 2020 (P1) and aimed to provide a lifeline to the young people who are at risk of becoming the forgotten victims during the Covid-19 crisis.

There is a huge digital divide in our communities, which makes it really challenging for children, young people and their families on low or no income in the current situation. So when it comes to keeping young people engaged with education, often it is about finding solutions, applying for a crisis fund and supporting young people & parents with strategies. The main focus of our work in phase 1 has been with 8-19year olds.

We provided 176 hours of online workshops and activities with 378 attendances by 133 young people. The team have been offering 1:1 support on virtual platforms such as What’s App, Zoom and Facebook Messenger.

We provided:

  • parents and children with a safe and non-judgmental adult to explore challenges and think through solutions to family challenges.
  • access to crisis fund and other emergency support for families who are in financial distress.
  • individual support for parents or children outside of place based or group interventions to follow through with individual strategies and information giving.

We helped to create a safe environment for children in their community places and spaces.

Provide children with a safe and protective adult to listen to them and talk to and engage with on their terms. Provide social education opportunities that enable children to learn more about issues that impact and affect them.

To find out more about Newground Together and the work we do in our communities, please visit www.newgroundtogether.co.uk


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