Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Julia Johnston

Nature on Display

Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land

Although it was not particularly appealing to my friends, I found I was interested in the exhibit pertaining to the fossils. One of the first things I noticed when I walked into the museum was the skeleton of the elephant. I find elephants to be majestic and they are one of my favorite animals, so I decided to explore more within this exhibit. I found this experience within this exhibit to be enjoyable due to the fact that I was able to learn more about something I don't get to see everyday. We live in a world in which we know of sharks and elephants and stingrays, but we don't always get to see them, or understand their history. I found this to be enjoyable because without my visits to the museums, I wouldn't know many of the things I do today. Yes, there are plenty of ways to acquire information nowadays, such as the internet, but there is nothing like going to a museum where you can see and touch things and know that the information is from a reliable source. There are many aspects of our natural world that I have yet to experience, which is why this exhibit is so fascinating to me.

Nature and ethics

The Butterfly Rainforest

An image I took myself of a butterfly resting on a bench.
A butterfly who I share a name with.

The Florida Museum of Natural History provided me with an experience to immerse myself within real life nature. According to Leopold, efforts of conservation will fail if we only are able to appreciate the economic gain that we get out of land and not for its true value and beauty. Within the Butterfly Rainforest, I was able to walk through hundreds of butterflies and their surroundings. I felt as though I was taking the recommendations as Leopold as I felt completely at ease within this exhibit. My senses kicked in when I felt pleasure, but also nervous to harm a butterfly. As I went through the museum, I took to note to the variety of butterflies and how each of them were unique. My friends and I spent the most time within this exhibit walking back and forth from the exit to the entrance, making sure we saw every type of butterfly there was to see. This exhibit within the museum is amazing in the sense that it allows visitors to literally connect and immerse themselves within nature. As I spent my time within this exhibit, I definitely gained a greater appreciation for the nature that surrounds me everyday, and that as a human sharing this world with other creatures, I have an ethical responsibility to "love, respect, and admire" the land in which we share, as Leopold suggests.

nature and the human spirit

Wicked Plants

The exhibit of Wicked Plants definitely made me step out of my ordinary life. Within this exhibit, I was able to explore things within our world that I didn't even know existed. This area within the Florida Museum of Natural History helped me to appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world due to the fact that it displayed things we have in our world, but are unaware of their presence. The way the exhibit was staged was amazing. I loved this exhibit because I had to interact with the works in order to find out more information. I specifically gravitated towards the woman who died from the nature beads. Within our world today, a lot of things are still unknown to us. However, before many advancements within the science world, a great deal of aspects within our natural world were a mystery to us. This exhibit made me have a greater appreciation for the mysteries within our world outside of our ordinary lives. This exhibit also made us better understand who we are due to the fact that my friends and I initially gravitated towards different areas of the rooms, showing our differences in interests. This exhibit also helped us to understand how we solve mysteries, what appeals to us, what frightens us, and what we believe to be majestic.

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