Florida Museum of Natural History Good Life Activity

Photo: Silvestrini, Carlotta. Madrid Crystal Palace Fossils. 2016. Pixabay. https://pixabay.com/en/madrid-crystal-palace-fossils-1141455/. Accessed 1 March 2017.

My favorite exhibit of the museum was the butterfly enclosure. I thought it was very cool to be able to actually go inside with the animals rather than look at them through a glass window. This way we could get a close up look at them and feel as if we really were in nature with them. The biggest difference between going inside and watching through a glass is observing their behavior around people. Instead of being cautious of people and avoiding us as I expected, the butterflies were very unreserved and even landed on us. I think this made the experience that much better and was why I enjoyed it so much.
I would say the Natural History Museum was helpful in giving the experience that Leopold describes. By constructing museums and putting so much interesting history on display, it really informs you about the nature around us and made me think about what more the world has to offer that we don't know about yet. Rather than exploiting our planet for financial or personal benefit, we should try to be more conscious of who we share this world with, and I think this museum really helps put that in perspective. Walking through the museum I saw people's fascination with exhibits as they examined fossils of extinct animals that used to live right where we live now, and I wondered if they felt the same way that I do.
The Natural History Museum lets us step out of our lives by almost taking us back in time. Everything that surrounded me inside the museum was a part of the past long ago because all the events that took place in history have led up to our current world. Thinking about the long history of our planet made me feel very small and thankful for what I have today. Also, while looking at incredible fossils such as the mammoth in the picture, I was fascinated about what else could be out there left undiscovered.


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