You are what you eat. So be mindful of what you consume.

It's a ripe old saying and like most things that have been around for a while - it's right. Our insides radiate outwards to reflect what we have been nourishing ourselves with. So how do we nourish ourselves?

Be Fresh

The good thing about being fresh is knowing exactly what you are putting in your mouth. If you pick up a strawberry - you are eating a strawberry. No hidden nasties in the form of MSG, Preservatives or anything else that makes your cheese-burger look the same 3 months down the track. You leave your fruit in your bag for a day or two and it will rot - and so it should.


Think about what you are putting to your lips. If you are conscious while you are eating, you will be less likely to over indulge. That means no eating while you are working on the computer or watching TV - just eat. Be mindful of each mouthful and aware of how you feel when you eat. Your body gives you signs of like, dislike and fullness if you just take notice. I am sure you have felt full, bloated and fatigued after a meal. If you were mindful - would you have those feelings or would you recognise the warning signs ?


Moderate what you eat. This is different to being mindful. I am talking about portions of food groups - not meal size. It is important to ensure you have a wide variety of foods within you diet. One cannot survive off carrots alone. Again, your body can be pretty smart in telling you what you need in your diet. It's called cravings. Not the type that dive you deep down into packets of chips and blocks of chocolate. The type that somehow you know you feel like eating a carrot, rather than wanting to eat a carrot. There is a difference - and once you start to realise, you will wonder how you never knew.

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- Christie Elizabeth

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