Me By: jacob davidson

My Hero

This is Eric Liddell

Eric Liddell is someone that I admire. One reason why I admire him is because he was an athlete and ran in track and field which is also a sport that I do. Another reason why I admire him is because he seemed like a nice person and I thought he had good morals and lived his life without worries.

My Career

These are chemical formulas

A career that I would be interested in would be chemical engineering which would require you to work with many different chemical, dangerous or not, daily. To get this job though I would have to go to college and graduate with a bachelors degree at minimum. The average salary of a chemical engineer is $97,360.

Interests/ Activities

Some examples of minerals

I like to do a lot of things for example at school and at home I like to play card games and collect unique cards to play with. Another thing that I like to do is sports specifically soccer and track (sprinting events like the 100m or 200m). Another thing that I like to do is to collect rocks and minerals.

Proud of

This is a picture of the 100 meters at the Olympics

I have done many things but one thing that I am proud of is my times in track and field. My 100 meter time was 11.94 sec which I made in the state meet in Oregon for USATF. My 200 meter time was 24.37 sec which I ran at a meet at Linfield College.

Favorite Foods

This is Gouda

I have many different favorite foods but one of my favorite is pasta mainly because I love Italian food. Some other food that I like is cheese and salami.

This is Genoa

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