7th grade Botantical garden trip By Stephen Chien

Section 1: Medicinal Plants and Plants used for food

Curare Plant

The Curare Plant's roots relax muscles. It is used as a anesthetic during surgery.

Cinchona Plant

The Cinchona Plant's bark is used to treat malaria. The bark is also known to treat fevers and small headaches.

Cacao Plant

The Cacao Plant's seed treats coughs and fevers. Also, the plant's beans make chocolate, which is a powerful source of antioxidants and is eaten by millions of people.

Kava Plant

The root of the Kava Plant is used as a anesthetic. Also, it is used to relax muscles. The root can also be eaten.

Coconut Palm Tree

The Coconut Palm Tree's oil is used to make many medicines. Also, the pulp of the coconut tree's fruit is high in potassium.

Pineapple Tree

The Pineapple Tree is known for its delicious fruit. The fruit may contain about 50% of Vitamin C and many other nutrients.

Sketch of a leaf

Doodia Maxima

This plant is spread out like an umbrella, so it can catch more sunlight and water. It has waxy leaves that can let water through into the roots.


Tropical Blueberry

The Tropical Blueberry plant has many special adaptions. It climbs on trees through their stems.

Carnivorous Plant: The Venus Flytrap & Three pictures of plants

Venus Flytrap

The Venus Flytrap is a carnivorous plant found in environments that are nitrogen and phosphate poor. The flytrap has pollen in the tips of the flytrap to attracts bugs and flies, and it needs these insects in order to survive. I think the Venus flytrap is pollinated from the nutrients of its victims.

Vanilla Orchid

I think that the Vanilla Orchid is actually not pollinated at all, since orchids can't pollinate and there doesn't seem to be a stamen in this orchid.

Chionanthus pubescens

These flowers are probably pollinated by bees and birds.

How many mahogany trees are up a dresser? 9 mahogany tress make a dresser.

Layers of the Rainforest:

The forest floor is the bottom of the rainforest and it receives very little sunlight, so plants tend to not live there.

The understory is a layer of plants and shrubs underneath the canopy.

The canopy is where all the leaves of large are. As a result, they block sunlight and keep it to themselves.

The emergent layer is where only the tallest trees are. Many birds fly above the emergent layer.

Wetlands Section

Hedera and Pandora

These plants have vine-like stems and arms which can help them grapple unto a tree.

Moss Plant

Moss plants are non vascular. They can’t transport water and nutrients that easily, and this is why they are so short.

Blond Tree Fern

The blond tree fern is a seedless plant because they reproduce via spores.

Desert Section


This is a flower found in the desert area. This is different than from the rainforest because this flower is much more shorter in order to stay away from the sweltering sun.

Aloe Vera

This medicinal plant found in the desert can be very helpful. The thick gel in aloe leaves is helpful to treat burns and frostbite.

Prickly Pear

This plant has spikes on its leaves in order to prevent animals and other creatures from drinking the fluid inside of it.

Cacti found from : https://tse4.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.UZ7CXc5v9NU2lRk1SoK0XgEsDh&pid=15.1

This plant is an ephyite in the sense that it absorbs the minerals from other plants. Also,it gets shade from other plants since it is very short.

Lord of the Rings Reference Plant

Kingsfoil Plant Found from Pinterest.com

The kings foil plant, known as the Athelas to Lord of the Rings fans, is a healing herb.


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