Iowa the Hawkeye state

This is Iowa, their is lots of flat lands good for farming and raising farm animals such as cow, chicken and pigs. Very popular crops are corn, milk and oats.

Iowa became the 29th state on december 28, 1846 pretty cool right.

lots and lots of farms.

Iowa has many factory's one that's a oat factory that produces popcorn, corn oil, corn syrup and cornmeal.

Iowa invented the first electric car in Des Monies and could hold 6 passengers and go top speed 20 miles per hour. 1891 was when it got invented.

The three largest cities are Des Moines, Ceder rapids and denvenport

Iowa, des moines

state flower: roze state bird: eastern goldfinch state tree: oak tree state rock: geode

Iowa's climate can vary greatly. Iowa's average winter temp is 19 degrees fahrenheit. The average summer temp is 72 degrees fahrenheit.

Almost everywhere you go in Iowa, you see farms. Iowa's rich, black soil makes it a leading farm state. Only California and Texas have a higher income then Iowa.


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