The Cuban Missile Crisis By. Ammar GoStEvCic

The Who, when, and where.
Fidel Castro talking to the UN

The Cuban Missile Crisis took place on October 16-18 1962 in Cuba with Khrushchev, Che Guevara, and Cuban leader, and communist revolutionary, Fidel Castro who caused the problem.

What happened to Cuba because of the conflict.

When Fidel Castro started to build the Soviet missiles on Cuba the United States started a containment program on Cuba until October 20 1962, two days after Cuba got rid of the missiles.

Current State of Cuba

In recent times Cuba's leader Fidel Castro died of old age, Cuba has started accepting small businesses, and has developed better relations with the United States than before.

Who Won?

The action Cuba tried to take was a failure against the United States actions of containing Cuba with no outside help.

The end.


Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "War maps of Cuba, Porto Rico, and the Philippines"

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