Chop Shop CEO Mike Oakley

The Chop Shop Barbershop Motto: Arrive and experience royalty.
As you can you see we are all about making our experience a kingdom experience. So our mission is to provide the needs of our customers and pamper them so they leave with a relaxation sensation.
Our vision is to set the standards for all other baber companies around the world and to create a product that will sustain most men haircare needs.
The Target Market for my shop is basically young adults ages 16-25. Our culture would seem to catch there attention being the fact that we have young employees who enjoy the same things as our customers such as tattoos and newer hip hop music.
Customer Needs: We are here to pamper the needs of our customers. Customer service is very key to the business we run. We build personal connections with our customers to fill voids our clientele may have as young men in America.
Competitive Advantages: Advatages we offer breaks the surface for barbershops by offering massage sessions along with our new jell products for the perfect look such as (great hold, curls and waves). We also have great tasting food from food trucks who partner with us, and you could eat as you are patiently waiting for your taste of royalty.

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis Summary: We strive to be the face of barbershops around the nation by offering the best customer services in all of the barber industries. Our spa treatments are very much at high standards, we currently have two professional masseuse at each location. Our products are also on the rise fulfilling the haircare needs of our clientele, which was a great investment. We are kind of strong in our prices we often have complaints about our prices, but the people who are willing to pay the price understand why we require the prices we do. Another thing is when clients are late they must pay a fee and we are strict about that and they don't really care for it as much because it can cause behavioral problems both sways. A food truck showcase would be nice to have to bring out customers to both the shop and the trucks. A radio commercial would be a great investment as well, which would help pull us out of the region. Our threats are always other barbershops with cheaper prices. We have also lost female clients and there children to beauty salons with men barbers.

To some things up, I have presented to you a men spa who offers nice quality cuts and shaves. We focus on the comfort and relaxation of our customers. We pamper our clientele to have them to feel like royalty walking out of the shop with the mind to be right back here the next time.

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