Genetically modified Animals Maddy Mueller and ANdrew Kochis

What is the advancement in biotechnology?

Scientists have begun to use reproductive cloning on animals to increase a desirable trait. For example, someone may clone a cow in order to get more milk from it. Pigs are now able to be used as organ donors for humans. Genetic engineering is used to “knock out” the pig gene so that a human's body can accept the organs.

How does the technology work?

It is Genetic engineering, which is the direct manipulation of an organism’s genes. It is different from traditional breeding because that is manipulated indirectly. It could be a change in one base pair, deleting a whole area of DNA, or adding another gene.

Why is this technology important?

This technology is important since it can save people's lives or help obtain more food. For example, animals can be modified to grow larger and therefor obtain more meat from cows, pigs, and chicken. Also, animals can be modified so that they can’t get certain illnesses.

How has this technology impacted medicine, forensics, or agriculture?

It has enhanced the quality of life. Benefits include advancing health, enhancing food production, reducing environmental impact, optimizing animal health and welfare and production of industrial applications. Animals that are GM can improve human health by producing replacement proteins, drugs, vaccine and tissues for the treatment and prevention of human disease. Animals that are GM have improved food production, enabling them to help meet global demands for more efficient and better food.

What are the potential problems associated with this technology?

calves and lambs that are modified or cloned tend to have higher birth weights which can lead to difficult births that often require c-sections. some of the biotechnology techniques used today don’t producing animals that survive. Some of the animals that do survive after birth don’t even have the desired trait

Animals can be modified to be larger or stronger


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