Art and The Good Life Nina karlinsky

Introduction: I absolutely loved getting the chance to visit The Harn. I have always loved art, but do not often get the chance to go to museums. Almost all of the art was unfamiliar to me, which made it more of an adventure. Some exhibits made me smile, some made me depressed (which is okay), and some just made me want to be that talented as an artist. Overall, it made me feel more connected to my emotions.

The Medium of the Art

This painting, titled "The Funeral" at first seemed like a simple piece. From afar it looked like figures at a funeral. An although the painting is just this, at a closer glance I was captivated by all of the different textures of the paints and it gave the painting a whole new meaning. Being able to see certain strokes, and certain parts of the painting having more of a thick, dense quality than others added to the contrast of light and dark completely. The painting felt less like a depiction of a funeral and more about the depth and feelings of each person there; how they grieved, how they hid the grief, and many other layers that had built up around them. It made me feel that many people are hiding things that you cannot see just from looking at them, that everyone is going through something and I need to be more aware of this fact.

The Design of the Museum

I really loved this wing of the museum. It was the only area where I was truly taken back by the architecture and lighting. It was very different, as it was much more open and only had statues/objects. Thus, it had a very minimalistic look that made me feel calm, and focused on the pieces. My friends and I were completely silent through this wing as we were all very at peace with ourselves because of the ambiance. A huge part of this ambiance of serenity came from the lighting. The colors in the room were fairly warm, and dark, yet with huge, beautiful windows there was a complete contrast. The light brought in the stark green grass, and bright blue skies into the fairly dull room. This contrast made me think about how my personality is so often affected by my environment. When it is raining/cold I am almost alway very lazy and in a bad mood, yet when it is nice out, I am always significantly happier.

Art and Core Values

This painting, "Castita al mar" truly struck me. It is simple, yet incredibly complex which is a lot like how I am. Pictured is a nice house, on a field, with a clear sky. Similarly, I am always smiling, walking around campus, seemingly content. There is so much more to both me and the house; it appears perfectly symmetrical, just as I try to keep my life perfectly in order. Yet, there is one major incongruity: the doors. One door is closed while another is open. In my life, I am very good at keeping everything together. I am just very bad at making major decisions in deciding exactly what I can/cannot commit to. I think these doors reflect how I am always struggling with making the commitment to close one door in order to have the opportunity/time for a new experience. This painting made me feel connected to it, it made me feel more accepting of my perfectionism, and the times where I am imperfect.

Art and the Good Life

This statue is that of the Bodhisattva, a Buddhist saint who delays his own enlightenment in order to help others. I absolutely love this statue and its theme for I feel that it portrays the theme that sometimes the good life is one that is devoted to making others' lives better. I am constantly trying to achieve happiness, yet I know that I only feel truly happy when I am making a difference in the lives of others. My "good life', would be the life of a bodhisattva. This specific statue really shows the theme of helping others by having him sit patiently with the familiar hand gesture. This shows his patience and guidance to help others, and the way he is seated shows his contentment. To me, he does not seem to need to reach enlightenment to be happy, for he appears happy being able to help others.

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