Cameron Crazy about Duke Why my dream Internship would be with Duke Athletics

The Start

I’m not sure how but I still remember the day I became a Duke fan. I was probably around 5 or 6 and I had won enough tickets at a local arcade to get a basketball from the prize table. Now, the reason I picked the Duke ball was simply because the ball was blue and blue was my favorite color. But little did I know at the time, that choosing that ball would make me a Duke fan for life.

When I was younger, basketball was my escape and I fell in love with the game, so I would play for hours upon hours, and of course I had that ball by my side. Since that was the only ball I had for the longest time, I played until you could not even see the Duke logo on the side of it, and eventually it got a hole in it and deflated. But my love for Duke was never stronger.

Peep the comment (My friends were well aware of my Duke obsession.)

Once I was old enough to understand March Madness, I watched it religiously and of course I would always be rooting for my favorite team: Duke. It's safe to say 2010 and 2015 were great years for me. While 2010 was such an intense game to watch (not going to lie my heart almost stopped twice in the last 20 seconds of that game), 2015 was definitely my favorite of the two. Watching Tyus Jones absolutely dominate and Grayson Allen come in off the bench to do the same thing, it was such a great game to watch. Watching the 2015 team was an absolute blast. Plus, after two years of having my brackets busted super early and having all my friends laugh at me for choosing Duke (as I do every year), it was all the sweeter for me to rub this in their faces:

Yes, I ordered those as soon as the final buzzer went off. (I also screamed like a little girl)

The Dream

When I was a kid, my dream was to play at Cameron in front of all of the crazies. Obviously that dream is one that so many people have and only the best of the best get to live out that dream. While I realized that dream was unattainable as I got older, the thought of somehow being a part of Duke Athletics never left my mind. As my passion for photography, social media and sports marketing grew, that childhood dream of being a part of Duke kept coming back. I would always think about how cool it would be to be Duke Athletics’ photographer. So, Reagan Lunn, you should know I am extremely envious of your job.

You could say that I'd be more than ready to walk around Duke's campus.

Here’s the coolest part of this though, I feel there actually may be a chance that I can potentially live out my childhood dream. While I assume Mr. Lunn’s job is very safe at the moment, one of the best things about Endicott is that the require a semester-long internship and I honestly can't think of anywhere else in the world that I would rather intern than with Duke Athletics.

So if you are reading this and you are associated with Duke Athletics in any way, here’s my pitch to you.

The Pitch

First off, if you work for Duke Athletics I just want to start off by saying thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this attempt at following my dream. The whole point of this blog was to take a shot in the dark and try to chase my dream of being a part of Duke Athletics in any way possible. Hopefully, this blog, this pitch and my love for Duke will allow me to do so.

I am confident that I would be able to bring a lot to the table if I were to intern at Duke. While I could write all that I bring to the table, I’d rather show you. The first button below will lead to a blog post about my time interning at Merrimack College. I completed a 120-hour internship with them over my last semester and that is only a small sample of what I could potentially do for Duke. This was due to the small number of hours I spent there. However, I am very proud of my work I did for them in that short period if time. I know that if I were given a full semester to just intern for an athletic department I would be able to do something 100x better. The second button is going to be a link to Endicott Athletics' Instagram where I have provided a lot of content and assisted with the strategy behind it as well. While I mostly market myself as a photographer, I have a lot of experience working with college's social media by creating and planning content to fit into Endicott's communication strategies. Since basically day 1 of stepping on campus I have worked with both the communications and athletic departments. And even though Endicott is a small D3 school, their social media content and strategy is comparable to multiple D1 schools. Last but not least, the third button will bring you to my portfolio page, where you can see some of my work that I am most proud of. With all that being said, if you are from Duke and are actually considering this shot in the dark, feel free to reach out for my resume. With all of these things combined I think that is a pretty good explanation of how I would be able to contribute to Duke Athletics in a very positive way.

In addition, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the fact that Duke is on a level rivaled by only a few other universities when it comes to athletic communications. The team they have there puts out quality content non-stop. It would be nothing short of an honor to learn from some of the best people in their field at a insistution as amazing as Duke is.

With all that being said, I am a realist so, I can’t help but acknowledge the main road block in the way of this. Since I live in Massachusetts and Duke is 726 miles from Endicott. So, it’s not exactly somewhere where I’d be able to commute to. While I would have no problem getting down there, I would probably have to find some place to live and that would be pretty difficult considering I don’t have a lot of money and would only be interning, however, if I were to somehow figure out a way to stay on campus then it could happen.

Regardless of this, one thing I know for sure is if there is even a 1% chance of possibly pulling this off, I will do anything in my control to make it happen. While this may be a long shot, I could not pass up at an opportunity to chase my dream.

Till next time.

- Nick Grace

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