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I'm Robert Gogol - musical electronics inventor, musician & workshops teacher

robert.gogol@gmail.com | facebook

As a Composer – third-year student at the Faculty of Electroacoustic Composition at the Academy of Music in Poznań – with a special interest in composing for a symphony orchestra with live electronics. As a Musician - over the last 10 years involved in free improvisation scene by playing electronics, often constructed by myself.


- 18.02.2019 - KOŁO student concert

- 11.12.2018 - NEOFONIA 2018

- 5.12.2018 - PCSS Universary

- 28.11.2018 - XENAKIS

- 11.10.2018 - NOVA REPERTA >> Gogol & Wińczyk

- 27.07.2018 - Dźwiękodziałka Wschowa

- 23.03.2018 - WIOSNA MŁODYCH Poznań

- 02.03.2018 - SMS#2 Poznań

- 11.02.2018 - DIVERTIMENTO Poznań

- 19.01.2018 - SMS#1 Poznań

- 14.12.2017 - MUSICA MODERNA Łódź - KOKO Chicken

-13.12.2017 - "Moja Muzyka" 58 CK Zamek - Xenakis

- 12.12.2017 - NEOFONIA 2017 conference

- 30.11.2017 - Sesje Improwizacji Fortepianowej Poznań

- 17.11.2017 - XXXI Muzyka z Prądem Mińsk - "Z3"

- 27.10.2017 - Sonus Ex Machina Poznań

- 20.10.2017 - Festiwal Słuchowisk Poznań - "Sarna"

- 30.11.2016 - NEOFONIA 2016 conference

- 25.11.2016 - Don't tell anybody - opening scene

- 12.12.2015 - FRIV festival

I experiment with notation, soundscape, perception, emotion - I want to give an audience a relief from mental ilness, so called "reality"

Hubert Wińczyk & Robert Gogol electroacoustic free improvisation duo.


"Fiastyuk" is an experiment with transfering non verbal data. Mental aura felt by a composer encrypted into graphics - emotional energy transfered to performer beyond logic and rational mind

some rulez imagined, developed and applied in the editing / composing of Barbara Wilińska's voice recordings

and then: a mystery - you don't know how, don't know why - but you feel transfered mental aura - of course - in completely different, yours unique internal universe - but energy was transfered, it worked. It works.


Classic, tape like concrete material montage

"Callipers in an ear" is made in Reaper - just by cutting and composing my field recordings.
In central part of this piece you can hear a sound of high voltage line. It extends over thousands of kilometres - like a giant eolian harp - sounds like a whole universe. Just put your head on a high voltage pole from time to time.
Field recording is something special and unique - available only with todays high technology - this is like taking snapshots of space and time.


"BINARY LAMENT" I often do graphic as a start for a piece, to quickly write down a "mental aura"
layering and processing graphics as encoding and structuring internal landscape mental data
this composition is about daying - about loosing 5 elements during moment of death
inspired by "the Tibetan book of living and dying" by Sogyal_Rinpoche
where process of dying is described and explained in every possible detail
fire element
air / wind element
space element

RONDO. A graphic score.

Ensemble improvisation based on graphics, synchronized in tempo, timbre volume and articulation - precisely defined in score. It was all very new experience for performers, conductor and... me.



Created By
Robert Gogol

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